Con: Sleep schedules are not ideal

Con: Sleep schedules are not ideal

While sleep is essential to overall health, setting a routine for sleep isn’t always possible for people with fluctuating schedules. 

People should sleep when they’re able to put in those hours depending on what works best with their lifestyle. 

For most students, having chaotic schedules is normal. This is especially true for students with children or other family members at home to take care of, along with varying work days. There is no guarantee in having consecutive similar days.

Because of this responsibility, improvisation is necessary. Being able to set a consistent sleep schedule is a privilege that unfortunately, not everyone can have.

Not having a scheduled time for sleep also allows for more productivity. Rarely will there be successful people in the world putting sleep first. It’s always, “The earlier you wake up, the better.” 

In fact, it’s the irregularity of a schedule that allows deep sleep due to the constant use of energy throughout a 24 hour period. In other words, your mind and body become trained for different sleep cycles.

For example, night nurses who work the graveyard shift find it easier to go into a deep sleep when they get home in the daytime.

Another reason having a set time for sleep isn’t ideal is because life is uncertain. It’s unrealistic to always sleep at the exact same time everyday.

Not everyone functions the same, so setting a sleep schedule might not be for everybody. Sometimes, all that can be done is to get sleep whenever possible.