Student guidebooks

Student guidebooks

For students new to a collegial environment, the transition might feel jarring at first. 

Pierce College should help make the process easier by offering an informational guidebook/pamphlet, complete with parking information, a QR code for an interactive map and other helpful tips.

The pamphlets could be offered in both a digital and paper form, and could be placed in front of the Student Services building. They would be an effective yet inexpensive way to better inform students about the school.

For example, students might want to know where to buy parking passes, how much parking passes would cost and which parking lots are best depending where their classes are.

Another way the guidebooks could prove useful is giving students the ability to access an interactive map via a QR code. The map could include where the water bottle stations are, where they can access certain services, and the locations of the blue emergency phones.

Students might also want to know the best tips for registering for classes and counselor appointments, as well as more information about financial aid.

According to an article on the National Public Radio website, almost 200,000 fewer students transferred last year. 

If Pierce students had a small guidebook to give them information about what sorts of scholarships or financial aid are available or when and where to make counselor appointments, they might be more encouraged to make more progress in their educational careers.

Though some of this information can be found on Pierce’s website, it’s often hard to find because of the website’s design.

The tips could be student based, written by students for students, because they better understand the needs of their peers.  

Think of the pamphlet like a one stop shop. You could find all of the helpful information in one place.


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