Lights, cameras, curtains!

Lights, cameras, curtains!

Pierce College’s Great Hall is the site for many events, from Club Rush to guest speakers to Film Club movie showings.

But adding blackout curtains to the doors of the Great Hall would make the viewing of presentations much easier to do and relieve stress for clubs hoping to host gatherings.

Pierce already provides classrooms with blinds for ease of showing videos or presentations. Treating the Great Hall the same as a classroom makes practical sense and would make the space a much more widely used building for events. 

By buying either custom or generic window covers, the Great Hall would be used much more for movie panels and for guest speakers who depend on presentations. Custom blinds or curtains could have the Pierce logo with the Brahma Bull in school colors as well. 

Pierce could even host a contest for each club to create a design for custom window covers and the winner could get priority on hosting an event in the building. 

The Great Hall can house (check maximum occupancy), but most events don’t reach capacity. Events hosted in the building are many times dependent on something being projected to the room, and with the windowed doors light can pose an issue for those in attendance. 

It may not seem like a big deal, but for Pierce to be considered a legitimate institution, using butcher paper or clothing to block the sun should not be required. 


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