Bring back the food trucks

Bring back the food trucks

Not having an option to purchase food on campus gives some students yet another obstacle. For people without personal transportation, they are unable to drive off campus to buy food. 

Who doesn’t like the convenience of food trucks?

Busy students on a college campus may enjoy moderate prices, fast service and good, fresh food prepared on the spot by commercial food trucks. 

The Pierce College administration can invite commercial food trucks to come at peak school hours for students, faculty and staff to have at least one food resource. 

Pierce can set a schedule that would allow for a variety of food throughout the week without it being too unpredictable.

In a city as diverse as Los Angeles there shouldn’t be any issues finding food trucks to serve an equally diverse school population. The food trucks servicing the school could offer vegetarian or vegan options, halal or kosher food and a variety of cuisines. 

Street Food Finder is a website that allows you to look for operating food trucks in your area. It is not a complete list of trucks in Los Angeles, but it can be a good place to start your search. 

At the University of Houston, administration invited commercial food trucks on to campus as a temporary fix to the school court being closed for renovations, and the program ended up being incredibly popular. 

An article on Spoon University calls food trucks on college campuses “the next big thing.”

Pasadena City College even has a page where students can see which food trucks will be on campus that week and browse their menus. 

To avoid insurance hassles, the food trucks could park on Winnetka Avenue.

This could be a temporary fix to a temporary problem until COVID protocols allow the cafeteria to reopen.


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