Support for small businesses

Support for small businesses

With a desire to earn some extra money and show off their creativity, many students have started small businesses. 

But competition is fierce, and advertising products is a struggle for some.

Pierce College should host a monthly small business fair where student entrepreneurs can sell their products and advertise their businesses. 

Consider this event like a live, in-person Etsy. 

The event would not be costly, as vendors could bring tables and materials to set up their booths. 

Student sellers could sign up to participate via a Google form and by paying a small rental fee to set up their booths, or Pierce can make this event free to participate. 

This event could be held on weekends in Parking Lot 7 or near Rocky Young Park. It should be free for students and the general public to attend. 

During the event, Pierce could host raffles where several vendors donate some of their products as prizes. The school could also sell snacks and drinks. This gives Pierce the opportunity to make a profit from the event. 

Pierce could also invite student musicians to perform and provide live entertainment.

Several universities, including University of California San Diego and the University of Southern Maine have hosted fairs and craft shows where vendors sold their handmade products and baked goods. Such events gave local businesses the opportunity to promote their products to the universities’ students and the general public. 

From a funky piece of jewelry to a delicious cookie, there’s a good chance for attendees to find something unique, so Pierce should promote shopping small. 


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