Transportation for all

Transportation for all

Looking at the intersection of Victory Boulevard and Winnetka Avenue, most weekdays, one can see Pierce students hopping off the bus and Metro’s G Line (Orange). 

Pierce students would benefit from Metro’s Fareless System Initiative, or FSI, which would provide free fares for K-12 and community college students. There’s not enough information on whether Pierce or the Los Angeles Community College District will join the pilot program, but, to help students, they should.

The Los Angeles Unified School District is part of the program, but why is LACCD not part of the program yet?

Public transportation is a great option for students, and the free fares would ease student financial pressure. The program would also save money by providing a free ride, and save money on personal car maintenance and gas.

LACCD opting into the program would give students incentive to come to class and reduce the amount of car rides to campus. If more students are coming, then it will help the campus feel more alive compared to the barren place it is. 

Santa Monica College already has a program with Big Blue Bus called “Any Line, Any Time” that allows their students to take rides for free. 

Providing more students access to transportation would also help lower the challenging traffic in the parking lot as well around the school. It would allow the school to help lower pollution, creating better air quality, and reducing their carbon footprint. 

Creating a generation of public transport riders would be beneficial for the school, the community and the environment. 

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