Mixing it up

Mixing it up

Incoming transfer students may struggle with making friends or meeting new people at their university. 

Pierce College should host school specific mixers for students transferring to the same school.

This would allow students to meet each other, exchange contact information or even find potential roommates before transferring. 

While the school has Go Days, this event would be for students moving on to the next step and would be held in the late spring.

At these mixers, Pierce could provide food and have “get to know you” activities. There could also be trivia games where students can answer questions and ultimately learn more about the university they are attending. 

The mixer can have designated areas or booths where students of the same major or academic department can meet and interact. 

To familiarize students with the university they will attend, Pierce could invite representatives from each school to answer questions and discuss campus life with incoming students.

Pierce could also invite alumni from several universities to speak about their experiences as a transfer student and offer incoming students advice. For example, if Pierce hosts a UCLA student mixer, they can invite UCLA alumni to be guest speakers. 

Several universities, such as UCLA and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, host transfer student events. Such events provide students the opportunity to meet each other and build a larger community, and it makes for a lasting bond among Pierce students. 

Hosting transfer student mixers can ease one’s anxiety of moving on to a large university. Pierce can make it easy for students to find a familiar face among thousands of new ones.

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