Chess, chess, hooray!

Chess, chess, hooray!

Chess is a universal game that brings people together. During this time where students and faculty haven’t been at school, it is important to find ways to reconnect with each other. The possibilities of the different ways this can benefit the campus would be significant.

The University of Texas at Dallas has implemented similar tactics. In 2001, Tim Redman created a program for everyone to join. “Chess permeates life at UT Dallas, so much so that it has been built into academic programs and into the campus architecture itself — Chess Plaza on the south end of the mall features four human-scale outdoor chess boards.” 

Chess is known to stimulate the brain’s activity and is often used as physical therapy. The game could also teach students patience and quick thinking skills. Pierce can benefit from this. The school could offer tables and booths around campus where students could play and enjoy time.

There could be sanitizing stations so people can clean the boards and pieces.

It would be a great welcome back for students and faculty who have been at home due to COVID. There could also be people who know the game to offer classes on how to play. Pierce could start a chess club to engage more of the college’s community.

This initiative could lead to more clubs and other games including checkers and dominoes getting exposure. 

Chess on campus could encourage more in-person social interaction away from social media.

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