More events for Hispanic and Latino Heritage Month

More events for Hispanic and Latino Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is the representation of the achievements of an integral part of society. About half of Pierce College’s population is of Hispanic and Latin descent, so it’s disappointing that there isn’t more recognition. 

Educational systems are supposed to be a safe haven for people, but not feeling represented can ultimately make anyone feel like an outcast. It’s important to have representation in all aspects because not everyone has been fully recognized.

The country has a history of overlooking minorities and their holidays, which most get once a year in a country that doesn’t always see them as equal. This ultimately refers to years of oppression and neglect to the cultures of people of color.

More is expected from learning institutions, but during this time of online learning some schools may believe it’s OK to slack on this aspect of representation. 

The school’s website does not feature anything on the homepage about diversity. 

More students and even faculty should speak out when they feel unheard or not represented by the places they attend or work.

On Oct. 12, Pierce held a Zoom hosted by Martha Gonzalez, who is a Chicana artivista (artist/activist), musician, feminist music theorist and associate professor at Scripps/Claremont College. 

Schools like Los Angeles Southwest, which has 43% Hispanic students, celebrated the month with information and activities, including movie screenings and presentations about farm laborers being heroes.

CSUN is also a school that showed attention with the Student Engagement Center.

The University of Southern California held a seminar hosted by Carlos Gutierezz, who spoke about preparing Cal State LA minority students for success. He spoke about people of Hispanic and Latin descent being one of the largest groups of people in California and the importance of preparing their future careers. 

Pierce has a year to plan more events to celebrate its student body. With Hispanic Heritage Month ending and Filipino American Heritage Month beginning, the school can better represent the people of color at Pierce.


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