Event calendars a must

Event calendars a must

A dedicated calendar of campus events on the Pierce website that is easily accessible to students and other members of the community would draw more people to Pierce, something the school desperately needs.

The only calendars on the Pierce homepage are for the Academic Semester, the LAPC Theatre, a Sports Schedule and a Performing Arts calendar. They are all subpar options and don’t give a full view into the happenings on campus or on Zoom. Additionally, they all consist of unpleasant designs and are only reached by tiny links on the bottom of the homepage. 

It would also be better if all the events were on one calendar color-coded by category rather than on four different ones. 

All of the other colleges within LACCD have campus events calendars, so the issue of not having one is isolated to Pierce. 

City, Mission, Valley, East LA, LA Trade Tech and Southwest have a simple list of “upcoming events” on their homepages as well as a button to view the full calendar. City College goes one step further and separates their many events into Important Academic Dates, Campus Life or Public Events. Trade Tech also has separate Student and Public Event calendars. 

Harbor College has a Google Calendar on its homepage that can be viewed by day, week or month. 

Pierce already shows that it can accomplish this, as the Transfer Center calendar is comprehensive and straightforward. Like many things on the school’s website, it’s difficult to find or access.

While Pierce is waiting for the new website update, this change can be made now.


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