Pro: Sí, se puede

Pro: Sí, se puede

Photo illustration by Anastasiya Orel.

Learning another language is a great benefit. It can help personally, socially and economically.

Studies have shown that studying foreign languages results in respect for others. 

A study from the University of Georgia states that, “The study of foreign languages teaches and encourages respect for other peoples.”

By understanding another language, you are able to appreciate the other person’s culture, language and viewpoint.

You get the sense of who they are. It will make your interactions and words more considerate.

When compared to someone who knows only one language, being bilingual can help you gain employment.

According to FluentU web content writer Katherine Kostiuk, “ found that jobs with pay differentials based on bilingualism usually pay 5-20% more per hour for bilingual employees. MIT economist Albert Saiz discovered that college graduates who speak two languages make an average of 2% more than those who do not.”          

This might not sound like a lot, but over time it will add up. Once you retire, this can add up to $60,000. 

Additionally, if you’re bilingual, it looks way better on your resume than on that of someone who only knows one language. 

Knowing another language can also aid in connecting with others in your workplace.

A recent report from Nielsen goes as far as saying that “marketers and advertisers who grasp and activate the multicultural edge will be poised to connect with rising super consumers.”

Employers prefer to hire people who speak more than one language over those who only speak one. Plus, you’ll be able to meet new types of people and connect to your coworkers. 

This speaks even more if you live in Southern California. There is more diversity here and many languages are spoken here. This is due to it being one of the most diverse states.

Learning or knowing a foreign language can help you become more social and improve your social life. It also expands your brain to unbelievable heights. 

According to the Lead with Languages website, “People who speak more than one language have improved memory, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, enhanced concentration, ability to multitask and better listening skills.” 

In addition to being good for socializing, in the workplace and improving the brain, learning a new language can also be fun. 

Learning a new language or becoming bilingual has many benefits and there is no reason that foreign language classes shouldn’t be taken.

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