Student counselors are still students

Student counselors are still students

As students start to get used to their daily school routines, it’s inevitable that questions arise throughout their academic journey. 

It’s an ongoing concern that students may be receiving different answers from counselors for the same questions, and that likely is more true when talking to student counselors. 

Student counselors receive a three-week training to learn the material they need to know to help. They also receive weekly updates on new information to share. 

Student counselors should get additional training to provide students with accurate and up-to- date information. Pierce could offer a required course that student counselors take similar to the one USC offers called Advising 101

Advising 101 is designed to provide education and training in the basics of academic advising, relational and conceptual skill building, and knowledge about USC policies and procedures. This course offers new advisors information about issues and processes relevant to the advisor role to ensure effective and accurate delivery of service for all USC students.

Pierce provides a one unit course called Counseling 22 that student counselors could take to help other students with the transfer process, which is not required for student counselors to take. The course consists of lectures, use of internet resources, guest speakers and student assignments. By having student counselors learn how to create their own academic and career goals, it will help them to better serve students. 

The extra training would help increase their knowledge, and allow a space where student counselors can ask questions of their professional counterparts.

To speak with a student counselor go to the Pierce College website, click on student services at the top of the screen, scroll down once, click on career counseling, scroll down to click on Zoom Lounge on the right hand side, fill out the meeting registration and open the Zoom link in the email that is sent after the information is filled out. 

The Career and Transfer Zoom Lounge hours Monday through Thursday from 8a.m. to 7p.m. and Fridays from 8a.m. to 4p.m. 

These ideas will help students feel more at ease with their academic journey. This will also help counselors minimize the amount of appointments and overall create a better workflow.

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