Art work, get your art work

Art work, get your art work

Art auctions can be an entertaining way to provide more life to a campus and give enhanced exposure to working artists. 

Pierce College has a long history and a robust art program already equipped with a gallery, but could be used for student art auctions. 

The profits can go to the students and half to the Arts department, which would be a new concept for the campus and a breath of fresh air.  

According to the Association of College & Research Libraries, an auction helped spotlight Siena College and brought more people to the school. 

Library Director Gary B. Thompson at Siena said, “The first item for sale was ‘Portrait of a Man’ by Peter Lely, which was assessed for $500 and sold for $2,400.” 

Pierce can provide an environment where independent artists and the campus Art department could benefit the cause while providing entertainment and exposure to students and the campus. 

An all-day sale could be held on the Mall at the base of the Art Hill stairs. Professors could judge the pieces and award winners would be auctioned. 

According to an online article from The News Guard, Oregon Coast Community College Foundation development director Andrea Spirtos said that the OCCC Foundation’s donated auction items from their community partners, which is further evidence of how important it is to have a fully accredited post-secondary educational institution. 

“When individuals and businesses donate, I see it as an expression of support, gratitude and love,” Spirtos said. 

Department representatives attending the event could use it as a recruitment tool to encourage students to take art classes. 

Students are striving to find careers in their field and this would be a strong way to get them started. 

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