Spring back to the chalkboard

Spring back to the chalkboard

Spring is a season filled with color, but more of it could be added to the Pierce College campus.

Pierce could host a Madonnari week when the Arts Department and other students can create chalk art. 

An article from Wayne State University reports that “Madonnari,” or street painters, were known for creating simple images with crude materials such as chalk or coal. The practice is traced back to 16th century Italy.

These can be created along the Mall, in front of Student Services and in front of the Library. Students and the community could bring chalk to make art representing the spring season. 

Wayne State University held a public sidewalk chalk event on its campus with work by students in a mural class. This allowed students to create art on a larger scale and in public. The murals were documented for an online exhibition. 

Indiana University hosted an annual chalk art festival, where they encouraged the community to compete for a chance to win an Amazon gift card. A committee of students and staff judged each masterpiece. First place won $100. The murals were documented for an online exhibition that the public was able to view. 

Pierce could make posts on its Instagram to promote the event. This will give students time to prepare their supplies of chalk, gloves, paper bags and painter’s tape. To seal the art, hairspray can be used to preserve the art for an extended time. 

Eastern New Mexico University held its event for six hours. They recommended students create four feet by four feet art, which allows space for everyone. 

The daylong event can be held on a Sunday. This will allow students to decide when they want to participate, and it gives them time to think of what they want to design. 

Each work will be judged on creativity, but the most important part is that students can enjoy the festival. 

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