Bring the alumni back

Bring the alumni back

Pierce’s Athletic department has struggled. The best record in the last three years is the 2021-22 women’s soccer team, having a record of 11-5-4. The struggle has been so real that the football team was barely able to field a roster for most games and had to forfeit 3 because of it.

This struggle has led to a downturn in students wanting to compete, which in turn makes it more difficult to dictate funding for these programs. 

The question is how to turn the current trend around and provide options for both students and faculty to improve these situations. Some restorations have even started, with the baseball field being renovated over the course of this school year. 

One great way to increase the awareness of the programs would be to reintroduce alumni games back into the school calendar. 

There has only been one Alumni game in Pierce’s history. In 2019 the Women’s Soccer Program placed against past players in a friendly yet competitive game, leading to the question, why not more?

With each game, the tickets sold could bring funds to continue to improve the programs, with the money going to renovating facilities, helping faculty and boosting morale. As with any positive change, it brings a sense of hope to those involved. 

Evidence can be seen by the Boston Bruins hockey team of the National Hockey League (NHL) which, by using alumni games from the franchise has been able to hold events each year, raising approximately $100,000 annually for underprivileged children’s foundations. 

The games would also bring graduates back to campus to compete and reinvigorate their love of Pierce, bringing more support back to campus, in addition to possibly creating more donors to the school.

A possible game could be to bring back baseball players as Pierce has two Alumni that have made a name for themselves in the MLB, with Coco Crisp and Barry Zito had been household names at one time or another. 

Another game could be to bring out Mark Harmon or another football Alumnus to coach a game against current students, roster size permitting. 

All these factors don’t only bring eyes to the teams, but they also create a situation where every event brings new eyes to the sport. Bringing more athletes into the Pierce community to compete for Brahma pride will improve the Athletics department.

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