Students need a mental health day before finals

Students need a mental health day before finals

The week before finals can put a lot of stress on students and trigger anxiety and affect concentration.

Pierce College can focus on a mental health day where students have time to decompress. 

According to an article by The New York Times, the decline in the mental health of children and adolescents has led to new laws allowing kids to focus on self-care. 

The New York Times reporter Christina Caron said, “Faced with high stress levels among adolescents and a mental health crisis that includes worsening suicide rates, some states are now allowing students to declare a mental health day.”

When it comes to due dates and studying for finals, students have an individual pace for working and studying.

According to an online article by Deseret News, the pandemic has been hard on kids and adults, but it didn’t take the pandemic to create a mental health crisis among American teens, who in unprecedented numbers have dealt with anxiety and depression.

A mental health day at Pierce would allow students to decompress at home, the park, or go out to eat to help boost mental clarity. 

Schools implementing this event can help students feel more understood which can lead to academic success and feeling more motivated. 

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