Pro: Use the break to get ahead

Pro: Use the break to get ahead

Photo illustration by Cecilia Parada.

Taking classes in the summer can give you the advantage to graduate earlier and take fewer classes during the fall and spring semesters. 

Many studies have shown that there are many benefits to taking summer classes. 

According to a Harvard University blog there are several reasons on why you should take summer classes, including completing prerequisites before the fall semester begins. 

“There’s no good reason why you need to stick to the traditional—old-fashioned even—idea that you can only work toward your degree during ‘the school year,’” according to the blog.

You can also save money. 

According to a blog by Pearson publisher, “Summer session courses typically cost less than if you were to take them during the regular school semester and community college courses cost even less. There are also many scholarships available for students interested in taking summer classes that you can apply for.”

The workload for summer classes is usually less and if you are only taking one class, it is easier to focus. Also, it’s a shorter time commitment.

At this point, professors are either doing part-time or not working. That is why they aren’t giving it their all.

Many students aren’t taking advantage of this.

More than half of college students don’t take classes during the summer.

According to The Hechinger Report, only 42% of first time, full-time college students manage to take summer classes. 

Although there is nothing wrong with students enjoying their break, taking one summer class can make a huge difference.

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