Con: Summertime fun

Con: Summertime fun

Photo illustration by Cecilia Parada.

Summer is right around the corner, and as students are preparing for vacation or graduation, one question is often posed to them.

Should they take summer classes, look for work or take the summer off?

There is no right or wrong answer, as everyone spends their summer differently, but there are some downsides to taking summer courses.

According to a blog written by Tim Brunicardi on March 22, 2018, at Hocking College, taking a summer class is a different animal from taking courses during the fall or spring. 

Summer courses are much shorter, so it’s impossible for students to learn the same coursework as they would during a full semester.

For example, a typical summer session at Pierce runs for five weeks, though there is also an eight-week session available. 

If a student in a summer course learns the same coursework that a student in a fall class does, how do you think the student in the summer course would fare versus the student in the fall?

It’s hard to tell, as college is not that simple.

Another downside of summer courses is having to deal with them financially.

A blog written by Ransom Patterson on March 12, 2021, for explains that while taking summer classes can save money, it does not mean that financial aid or scholarships can make them free. 

Before deciding to take any summer courses, it is a good idea to check with the school’s financial aid office to make sure that any aid or scholarship money you may have can apply.

Finally, taking summer courses can mean having less of a social life.

A blog written by Isabel Thottam, a contributor for, states that students that take summer coursework miss opportunities.

Employers don’t necessarily care about the kind of courses you took during college, but instead are looking for technical and leadership skills. So it’s probably not a good idea to skip extracurriculars in exchange for trying to complete your degree. 

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