BRIEF: Coyote spotted on campus

BRIEF: Coyote spotted on campus

Pierce College urges all students, employees and visitors to be aware and alert following a confrontation between a student and a coyote on the Campus Mall Tuesday. 

According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, a food conditioned or habituated coyote may become bold and act aggressively towards people. Most coyote attacks occur in relation to a food source or attractant drawing the coyote close to people, pets or livestock. 

If a coyote is spotted it is strongly suggested that you maintain a safe distance and make loud noises in an attempt to deter it from getting any closer. 

Never call, touch or attempt to feed a coyote or any other wildlife. Hand clapping or yelling is suggested as a defense as well. Keep your distance, do not turn your back on it and allow the animal to move away on its own accord. 

If confronted by a coyote, make yourself as big as possible by lifting and waving your arms and make loud noises like yelling, whistling, or using a noise maker. If a small child is present, keep them as close as possible to you. 

Be sure to alert the campus police as soon as possible if a coyote is spotted or any other kind of dangerous animal on campus at any time. 

The incident is currently being investigated by the school and updates will be provided in due course.

More to follow.