Who ran the better campaign? – Karen Bass

Who ran the better campaign? – Karen Bass

Earlier this year, billionaire businessman Rick Caruso switched parties. He is running as a Democrat for Tuesday’s Los Angeles mayoral election. 

Instead, vote for Karen Bass, a woman who has worked for years in politics and has the experience to lead us out of this mess.

The 2022 midterm election is coming up, and it’s time for people to get out and cast their votes.

For the first time in nearly 10 years, Los Angeles is choosing a new mayor, and its primaries include Rep. Karen Bass and Caruso.

In fact, an article written by Nadra Nittle, an education reporter for 19th News on Sept. 8, 2022 explains how in 36 hours on Sept. 1915, Los Angeles Councilmember Estelle Lawton Lindsey served as the city’s acting mayor when the previous mayor before her and the city council president left town.

It’s been 107 years since, and Los Angeles has yet to elect a female mayor.

Karen Bass not only is a six-time councilmember and a Congresswoman—She also was on the shortlist to become Joe Biden’s running mate during his bid for presidency in 2020.

Bass comes from Los Angeles Congressional District 37—which is said to be one of the most diverse in California.

A column written by columnist Sandy Banks for Politico on July 31, 2020 shows diversity through the numbers: One-quarter White and one-quarter Black, while 40% of the population there is Latino, and 8% is Asian-American.

Bass’s campaign centers on tackling homelessness in Los Angeles along with increasing public safety along with making sure women have the right to get an abortion without the state or the government intervening.

Rick Caruso, however, is a whole different story.

While his campaign centers on the same issues as Bass’s campaign, such as battling homelessness and public safety, one of the big problems that lie with Caruso is his inexperience with politics, and it shows.

A politics article written by Josh Haskell for ABC Eyewitness News on Oct. 31  stated that Caruso said that Bass won’t be able to fix the problems Los Angeles faces due to her being in office for “too long,” and it will “take an outsider.”

First, there’s a reason why Bass has been in office for as long as she has been. She’s worked hard to get to where she is right now.

Second, spending $81 million dollars on advertisements doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean Caruso has won, nor does Bass spending $11 million dollars on ads mean that she lost the race.

Spending money on ads for a campaign is normal in the world of politics, and Caruso needs to stop treating it as a requirement in order to win a position.

Third, what does fixing the problems in a city have anything to do with one being “over experienced” or that because Bass has been in office for too long she suddenly cannot “fix all of Los Angeles’s problems?”

And finally, even if it did take an outsider to fix homelessness or public safety, hell even giving women the right to their own bodies, who can say it would actually go according to plan?

When you’re in a city like Los Angeles, you not only need the experience to become mayor, but you also have to know the territory well in order to solve the problems.

And Caruso is not the right person for Mayor of Los Angeles.