Add more sports on campus

Add more sports on campus

Pierce College is one of five LACCD schools that doesn’t have a men’s soccer program and women’s cross country. 

With how successful the Brahmas women’s soccer program is you would think a men’s team would be also. Instead, they plunge money into different programs and more into teams that play poorly.

For example, according to College Factual, Pierce College spent around $887,000 in expenses and had a revenue of around $925,000. The profit is around $38,000. 

But if you look into the sport that the school spends the most on, it doesn’t look pretty. 

The Pierce College football program spends about $148,000 in expenses and had around $115,000 in revenue. Those numbers aren’t great considering Pierce lost about $33,000. 

Instead of spending so much on one program that hasn’t won since 2019. They should use that money for two new programs.

The women’s soccer team has been consistently in contention for the playoffs for the past few years.

The men’s team would likely be in contention, and there are also more opportunities for money there. 

The four LACCD schools that have men’s soccer have a combined record of 18-33-8.

Now that may sound bad, but half of those losses are by two colleges.

But at least they actually have a team, compete and gain revenue. 

Four LACCD schools have a women’s cross-country program. 

There would be a desire for athletes to sign up for Pierce instead of other colleges. This goes both for male athletes and women athletes looking to enter those two sports. 

Whether or not you agree on why these sports should be incorporated, having these two sports can open new opportunities for Pierce.