It’s the most wonderful time of the school year

It’s the most wonderful time of the school year

The holidays are approaching, and Pierce College is giving students the gift of musical performances, entertainment and nourishment. It is also giving students and their families the opportunity to give back to the little ones who may need toys this winter.

The Academic Senate met on Monday, Nov. 28 over Zoom and discussed upcoming Pierce holiday themed events and activities taking place this December throughout campus.

Get ready to gaze at cars again–Pierce is hosting a charity car show presented by Porsche Woodland Hills on Sunday, Dec. 4.

Industrial Tech Instructor and Academic Senate Treasurer Alex Villalta announced that there will be a 19th annual Motor 4 Toys Toy Drive.

“Those of you who attended the grand opening of the Advanced Autotech Building– 75th Anniversary– that is considered very minute compared to this event,” Villalta said. “It is a good day to spend with the family.”

Villalta said that there will be food, Santa Clauses and lots of cars.

“If you are in the area, please consider coming in and have a good time this Sunday from 7 a.m. until noon,” Villalta said.

Admission for the event is one or more new, unwrapped toys valued at $20 or more. It will be held on Lot 7 off of Victory Blvd.

Student Success Committee and Counselor Kalynda McLean said that the Bodega is alive and well.

“If you are saying ‘what is The Bodega?’ – it is formerly known as the Pierce Brahma Pantry. The Brahma Pantry is going to be rebranded as the Bodega.”

McLean said that they are holding a farmer’s market every other Tuesday and handing out meals every other Wednesday.

“There are lots of opportunities for our students to get lots of additional nourishment for free and some support,” McLean said.

She also said that it was discussed that the Bodega needs a designated physical space.

“We thought it was important that the Senate might lend some support to the establishment of a physical location for this essential service,” McLean said.  “We know how significantly impactful it is for our students to be supported and nourished– it affects how well they do in their classes.”

Vocal coach Garineh Avakian-Akkus, or Dr. Gaga, broke down all the winter performances by the music department.

“On Dec. 10, we have the symphonic band at 2 p.m. at the Performing Arts Building (PAB),” Gaga said. “On Dec. 13, we have the studio jazz band performance at 7 p.m. in the PAB. The choir concert is Dec. 16 at 7 p.m. in the PAB.”

“If you are looking to go to any holiday concerts, those are the ones coming up,” she said.

Gaga also announced that Applied music program recitals are happening next Tuesday at 1pm

One of the newer holiday traditions–ugly holiday sweaters– will be celebrated and featured at Pierce this December.

Dance Professor and Academic Senate Events and Recognition Committee Brian Moe said that the ERC will be having a Christmas themed end-of-the-year event on Saturday, Dec. 17. He will be sending out a flier to the entire campus.

Moe said that it will be a bring your own finger food and snacks day at Pierce.

“We are also going to have an ugly sweater decorating contest,” Moe said. “If you want to bring your own sweater, we are going to have a station where you can glue pom poms and things like that to make your sweaters uglier.”