Applied Music Program students perform

Applied Music Program students perform

The Applied Music Program (AMP) held their second of the three end of semester recitals on the Pierce College campus Tuesday. The third recital will be on December 8 at 1 p.m. on the PAB Mainstage.

After auditioning for and being accepted into the Applied Music Program at Pierce College, each of the close to thirty-five Fall 2022 music major students spent the semester studying with a private instructor each week, preparing for these very recitals. 

 According to the AMP website, applied music specialization areas include concentrations on both classical and jazz voice as well as piano, guitar, and all orchestral instruments and composition. The student chooses their concentration, auditions for the program and once accepted they are assigned a professional instructor and begin instruction. 

 According to Applied Music Program Director Charlotte Wilkins, the instructors are professionals who can help guide the students not only on learning their repertoire for the semester, but in transferring and establishing the start of their careers. 

 “In addition to their weekly lessons, regular practice is expected,” Wilkins said. “A typical music major could spend five to eight hours a day between their private practice, rehearsals, and other activities such as teaching private lessons, gigs, etc.”

 The students are also required to participate in the Performance Workshop class which is an opportunity for them to regularly practice performing for events such as the AMP Recitals.

 According to Garineh Avakian, Associate Professor of Music in Voice and Choral, opportunities like these end of semester recitals are vital to students within the program so they can excel in honing their craft through performance.  

 “Besides them taking Performance Workshop and gaining experience in that class, these recitals offer an opportunity for students to perform in the theater to the Pierce Community,” Avakian said. “These recitals act as a vital component to an artist to gain confidence, technical ability and performance experience and to also share their talents with others. 

 Hasti Almasi, a music major studying music education with a choral emphasis, said one of her favorite things about the Applied Music Program is the community.

 “That’s what I also love about this program and being able to do these recitals,” Almasi said. “It’s mandatory for all students at the AMP to also be there during your recital to show support. And there’s this established connection between the community that I really enjoy.”

 Almasi said that studying within the AMP program at Pierce College has helped her grow and establish her goals and ideas.

 “Being here at this college provides so many different opportunities and that is something that the students should really consider,” Almasi said. “There’s a lot of great connections that I’m building already by being here at Pierce and going around and seeking out music and in our great city. I want to work with others and build music and perform music, all types of music and Pierce is helping me do that.” 

 Moraiya Pourfarid, a music major concentrating on vocal performance, is no stranger to these end of semester recitals. Thursday will be her fourth and final recital performance at Pierce. 

 Pourfarid said that most of her classes were held online during the pandemic, so she is looking forward to performing live this time. 

 “When I’m in front of people, it’s about the message that I’m trying to convey, and the emotion behind it,” Pourfarid said. “And just being able to make someone feel something. Music is a very powerful thing and it has the power to heal and really nurture the soul. And so that’s one of the reasons I really enjoy performing is because we all connect through music.”

 In addition to the final Applied Music Program recital on Thursday at 1 p.m., the music department also has their end of the semester concert coming up with their main ensembles.  

The Symphonic Band performs on Dec. 10 and Dec. 13 and will feature a Studio Jazz Band.

On Dec. 16 the Pierce College Choir will be putting on their Holiday Concert.