Strength doesn’t secure win

Strength doesn’t secure win

Sweat, dives and cries plagued the baseball field Saturday as the Pierce College Brahmas faced off against the Moorpark College Raiders at Joe Kelly Field. 

Brahma pride was on display as the team came out hot with a 7-run lead, leaving Moorpark scoreless after 3 innings. However, this seemingly secure play came into question as the Raiders began to steadily climb the ladder.

Brahmas Pitcher Brent Chavez spoke about the team’s shift in pace and how the Raiders comeback led to their eventual loss.

“We had a great start, came out hot on the bat, pitching was good, everything was good,” Chavez said. “I think somewhere in the middle of the game they just started finding holes on the offense, luckily we came back, but later in the game we couldn’t shut it off when we needed to.”

The 7 run lead eventually became another loss against Moorpark, whom Pierce played against for the fourth time this season with a final score of 15-13. 

Head Coach Bill Picketts praised the team for their continued effort and attitude that was maintained throughout the entire game. 

“Being up seven to nothing is always a nice way to start the game, obviously the finish isn’t what we wanted, but like I’ve said all year, they come to play hard every time,” Picketts said. “They compete, sometimes we don’t end up on the right side of the score, but I like the way they go about it.” 

Brahma players Dante Zamudio and Ivan Castillo both led the charge with 4 hits each, and a 20 hit total, Pierce made sure their loss was not in vain.

“I mean we had 20 hits, usually you’re not gonna lose too many games when you have that much offense,” Picketts said. “Offensively I think we were just fine, we just couldn’t pitch when we needed to pitch.” 

The pitchers the Brahmas used were Raul Reyes, Jorge Romero and Dante Zamudio.

Catcher Esteban Perez shared his thoughts on the team’s performance today and what they can improve upon going forward.

“It started pretty good, we had a lot of runs in the beginning,” Perez said. “We had the lead but they came out on top, that’s just the way baseball is sometimes. I feel like we can improve on getting the important outs.”

The Pierce College Brahmas will face off against the Cuesta College Cougars on April 25.

Pitcher Brent Chavez throws a ball to home base in Joe Kelly field at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, Calif., on April 11, 2023. Photo by Owen Meza.


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