Pierce celebrates big victory

Pierce celebrates big victory

The cheer squad’s recent win at a competition on Feb 25 proved that with hard work and spirit, success is possible.

Pierce Cheer’s red team traveled to the Anaheim Convention Center to participate in the 2023 USA Collegiate Championships. It was a two-day competition, and they competed against Eastern Arizona College. It was the first time the school had attended this particular event. 

During the competition the cheer squad performed their routine and skills, and worked together as a team to not only strengthen their skills but also build their sense of teamwork. 

Main base for the cheer squad and nursing major, Destinee Trahan was glad to have the opportunity to represent Pierce.

“We got some recognition from other schools. Putting Pierce’s name on the map felt amazing, winning that competition with a team that feels like family is such a good feeling,” Trahan said. “I would 100% go to a cheer competition again with Pierce.” 

Trahan gave recognition to her coaches for their success at the competition. 

“They always push us– they’re so supportive of us,” Trahan said. 

A factor to their win was that they were able to explore more challenging and intricate stunts at Pierce than they were able to in high school due to safety restrictions. Head Coach Zachary Harris helped them with the opportunity to expand their skill set.

“They’re starting to work on new tumbling skills– starting to work on stunts that they’ve never done before,” Harris said. “Once they get to college, they’re allowed to do a lot more, they were very limited in high school.”

Harris was an important member in their training for the competition. Athletic Director Susan Armenta spoke highly of him when describing his affect on the team.

“He’s been very supportive of the cheer team,” Armenta said. “He’s been really instrumental in getting more visibility for athletic programs and for Pierce College.” 

Some of those programs include alumni programs and coaching opportunities for high schools, where they get to meet a lot of people and gain connections and experience. 

“They benefit from that network,” Harris said. “They’re working hard as a team, and because of that they get opportunities with the team, employment opportunities, and outreach opportunities with Pierce as well.”

The cheer squad has also participated in other events this semester, including club rush, welcome week and sports games. 

“That’s kind of what cheer is about,” Trahan said. “Supporting other teams and being the spirit of the school, and bringing the fun to campus.”

They’re off to a strong start, and the rest of this season they have more competitions and school events they’re preparing for to try and expand their program. 

“Those competitions are mostly just outreach to make sure we can recruit for next year,” Harris said. “To get the word out that Pierce has a cheer squad.”

Coming up on their calendar is the Sharp Competition on June 10