Construction ahead

Construction ahead

The Los Angeles Pierce College Council convened on Thursday.

During a recent statement, Deputy Isaac Jorge of the Pierce Sheriff’s Department reported that one of the employees had her bag stolen last week. The bag was eventually recovered, but her wallet was missing. 

Jorge advised all staff members to secure their personal belongings due to the many people expected to attend the upcoming graduation event. He further urged staff to lock their offices and cars to prevent any potential thefts.

Project Manager Andre Haghverdian provided an update on the progress of ongoing construction projects. He said that physical education facilities are getting new gym equipment on June 7 and that all gym equipment will be replaced.

 Haghverdian updates confirmed that In the Fall term t the Fine Arts and Business Education buildings are set to be available. However, the Music Building won’t be accessible in the coming weeks due to unexpected issues discovered during maintenance work. 

Pierce College President Ara Aguiar  thanked everyone for their efforts in organizing the various activities around the campus. According to Aguiar, summer enrollment for 2023 is looking great.

“We are 13% above last year in terms of headcount,” Aguiar said. “But I look at the raw numbers, we’re getting closer and closer to 17%, so we are closing the gap.