Hail to Pierce!

Hail to Pierce!


The Brahmas of Pierce College should have an alma mater song that brings out the pride they have for the community.

Alma mater, which means “nourishing”, comes from two Latin words. 

An alma mater song is an anthem that students sing to express their adoration for the school they attend. 

It is exclusively known for universities to have these alma mater songs already established, but we should give students the same unifying experience. 

The alma mater can be incorporated into Instagram stories and TikTok videos on handles pertaining to Pierce students and various departments.

The song could be written and composed by the music department chairs. However, it would be beneficial for the music students to be involved in the writing process of the lyrics. They can incorporate their personal feelings of what it means and feels like to be a Brahma. 

The creation of an alma mater can give students the opportunity to use their talents, to increase school spirit and to learn more about the art of composing music. The student(s) lyrics and composition that ends up being used could be a song in their portfolio, creating opportunities for their music careers since they were involved in making a college’s alma mater song. 

Another way for the alma mater song to be created for Pierce College would be if the music department chairs would like to collaborate or find colleagues to be involved.

The creation of this song will show that the strong connections built on campus aren’t exclusive to just universities. The education and opportunities at Pierce College are honorable and worthy of singing about with joy.