It’s a hot topic

It’s a hot topic

California has had 985 wildfires and 203,847 emergency responses due to fire in 2023, according to the Cal Fire website. 

As the earth’s temperature rises, more fires are expected to spread throughout the state this summer. 

By taking precautions and gaining  knowledge on how to react if a fire happens on campus, fire drills are the best way to prepare students, staff and faculty.

Mandatory fire drills should be conducted at least once every semester.

The California Code Website says that it is a requirement in California to conduct at least two fire drills per year. Pierce College has hosted very few fire drills. 

A one-hour long fire drill should be implemented to prepare the student body to face real life threatening events.

Students could take non-credit classes on campus in order to prepare mentally and have the knowledge to help others to survive.

Fire evacuation drills should be implemented to ensure the efficient and safe use of the exit facilities available in the case of an emergency. 

Proper drills ensure orderly exit under control and prevent the panic that fire disasters may cause among students and faculty.

Fire exit drills at Pierce can be held with sufficient frequency to familiarize all occupants with the drill procedure and to have the conduct of the drill a matter of established routine.