Women’s basketball leads with 15th win

Women’s basketball leads with 15th win

Chassen Gutierrez (#1) rushes down the court to get by defenders in a game against Cuesta College in the South Gym at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, Calif., on Feb. 23, 2024. Photo by Sadie Shields

The women’s basketball team played their 15th win of the season, with Brahma Tijera Henry scoring the final points. 

During the first few minutes of the game, both teams were tied. The final score of the game was 66-59.

Henry scored a shot at three minutes and 38 seconds of the first period. Before the 30 second timeout the first quarter score was 12-4.

After the first quarter, Pierce forward Kayla Fisher made a basket and shared her thoughts on the game. 

“The energy was inconsistent, but we were definitely able to hold it down and maintain a unity as a team,” Fisher said. “We took all the nonsense out and we were able to stay humble as a unit.”

The Cuesta College Cougars caught up in the second quarter but after a timeout, the Brahmas were ahead 27-20.

The Cougars caught up to a close score with 44-42 in the middle of the third quarter. 

Post Nahyan Noor explained why she liked playing for this team.

“My teammates are absolutely loving and very supportive of each other so I think this team can go places,” Noor said.

The score was tied 47-47 in the third quarter of the game during the last 10 seconds. The Brahmas fell behind with Cuesta scoring a few more points, making it 47-50.

A timeout was called while the score was 58-57. Brahma Bahiyjaui Allen scored, with the Brahmas in the lead 61-58.

The score was 64-59 with a timeout being called 13.7 seconds left in the game. 

According to Head Coach Thara Innocent, she explained her thoughts about taking this win.

 “It feels good cause we played them last time and it was a close game that they beat us and we got them now,” Innocent said. 

Innocent explained how much the team made an impact from their last meet.

“I feel it was a good game and competition that we had some adversity in the mix but we were able to pull through and come together as a team to make it happen,” Innocent said.

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