Cougars inch out win over Brahmas

Cougars inch out win over Brahmas

The Pierce College softball team battled against the Cuesta College Cougars, taking the lead in the first inning of the game, before Cuesta came back with the win of 4-3.

As they approach the halfway mark in their season, the team has progressed immensely and are “trailblazing” their way into revamping softball at Pierce, as said previously by their head coach.

According to Head Coach Brett Marschall, he is proud of the continued improvement of his team and seeing how much closer they’ve gotten throughout this season.

“They definitely competed hard and played a great game,” Marschall said. “They’re walking with their heads high today. It was a superb effort.”

Kaylie Zenan (#35) doubled to the left field at her first at bat, allowing their pitcher Kristjana Lewis (#23), who was on second base, to score. 

Zenan said she fed off her team’s energy as she walked up to home plate ready to tackle Cuesta’s pitcher. The Brahmas could be heard across the field cheering as she straddled home plate ready to lead her team.

“I think that’s what really pushed us to play harder,” Zenan said “Everyone looks at Cuesta as like the top team in the league, so for us to score first, that just gave us that push and energy that we can win.”

As the innings progressed, Cuesta fought just as fiercely as the Brahmas, scoring a run in the second inning of the game, leading to a tie. The pressure could be felt by both teams as Pierce came back with two more RBI’s, Runners Batted In, taking the lead for the third and fourth innings of the game.

Reese Tartaglia, Cuesta’s shortstop, came into the game feeling the heat from the Brahmas but said she was able to put that pressure into her swings, getting a homerun against Pierce.

“For sure [we felt the pressure], last year was the same,” Tartaglia said. “Our second game against them the score was the same.”

Alexis Menchaca, who played second base, stopped two line drives that hit her way.

Catcher Melissa Zaragoza throws the ball back to the team during a game against Cuesta College at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, Calif., on March 21, 2024. The Brahmas lost 3- 4. Photo by Icy Smith.

Lewis was grateful for the support she felt from her defense as she continued to pitch the rest of the game.

“I tried to put the ball in play so that my defense could help me,” Lewis said. “We had some good outs.”

Cuesta scored three more runs in the fifth inning of the game, taking the lead against the Brahmas. Their pitcher Bella Garcia ended the game strong and was grateful she could make the difference in her team’s performance.

“I think my energy brings a good environment and I’m just really happy I was able to finish it out,” Garcia said.

Pierce plays a home game against the Oxnard College Condors on Thursday, March 28 at 2:30 p.m.

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