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The Roundup News

The Roundup is the student-run news outlet at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, Calif.

Budget Editorial

As students, our failure to act in unity has cost us greatly in terms of community college funding. California community colleges may lose up to $525 million, according to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's proposed 2008-09 state budget. Community college enrollment is rising, especially at Pierce College, yet the amount of money we receive from the state is plummeting.

Vote Yes on prop 92

Feb. 5 is a monumental day for community college students to make a significant difference in the voting booths. Proposition 92 directly impacts the amount you spend on education by lowering the unit price from $20 to $15. Potentially, $70 million in fee revenue would be lost to the state, but K-14 will earn $300 million annually.

Quick! Help! Someone get us the Geek Squad!

Somebody call the Geek Squad. Pierce College is far from the forefront of technology. It's like the little red schoolhouse that tried but just couldn't. There are countless problems when it comes to using any high technology on this campus. In the past two months, several dramatic and important technological changes have occurred on campus and the Information Technology (IT) department has failed to meet the needs of these changes, causing big problems.

To keep football, we must do it right

To say that the Pierce College football team had a tough season would be an understatement. With only one win (the rest losses), the players have been plagued with a number of problems off the field, which likely contributed to their performance on it. The Brahmas began this past season with 0 wins and 10 losses in 2005-punctuating a 38-143 record dating back to 1988.

Education can lead to graduation

Why is it so hard for students to leave Pierce College? At a recent meeting of the Pierce Academic Senate, President Robert Garber said that roughly 70 percent of those students who enter Pierce with intentions of transferring to a four-year university are unable to realize that goal.

After voting comes the hardest part

The Nov. 7 elections proved that our country is hungry for change. As young voters, we increased our role in the electoral process and played a significant part in shifting the congressional balance of power. The majority of college students do not yet have to worry about the cost of prescription drugs or if they will have adequate Social Security when they reach retirement.

Thanks for the upgrade,

It's been a long time coming, but the decrepit and time-worn marquees that for so many years have stood at the three entrances of our campus are getting a much-needed makeover. Gone are the signs of old, with their faded and cracked white backgrounds and announcements with missing letters because the characters wouldn't stick.

Where’s the community at Pierce?

Pierce College needs to establish friendly community to unite its students and staff. That might have helped make the 2006 homecoming more successful than it was. "Getting more students to support our college athlete department is something worthwhile," Robert Garber, Pierce College president, commented on 2006 homecoming.

Faculty stats buck gender trends

While national surveys demonstate a continued discrepancy in the male to female gender ratio among college faculty, Pierce College is changing that trend. Thank you to an administration that has hired for the educational value of their instructors rather than for the traditional gender and ethnic stereotypes.

Administrative turnovers create a possible stability problem

When Darroch "Rocky" Young announced his impending retirement last week, it stunned many people in the L.A. Community College District who had looked to Rocky to end the revolving door of high-level administrators that have constantly kept the district, and this campus, in flux.

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