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Professor of the year lives to teach

      All eyes are focused on a tall man with a teal shirt and a welcoming smile.   With only weeks left of school, all the chairs...

Iconic storyteller transfers with three degrees

    His white shirt says "Peace is Possible" and his matching more-salt-than-pepper beard shows this former Pierce College student has been around the block more...

Pierce College welcomes new math teachers

    Mathematics isn't in any way a simple or palpable form of science that can be communicated to students as it is with a dissected...

Child prodigy continues education at Pierce

While most other kids her age are in the 10th grade and looking forward to two more years in high school, 15-year-old Lotta Mushkatblat...

Same old library

Leading the way for criminal justice majors

It's Wednesday evening at Pierce College and a crowd shuffles in.  Students coming to take Kathy Oborn's criminal justice class Wednesday night fill the auditorium-style classroom with talk and laughter as a bubbling energetic teacher walks in. 

Kathy Oborn, the chair of the political science/economics/criminal justice/Latino studies department, is a legend at Pierce College. 

The professor who built the criminal justice program caters to all of her students.  

Oborn made it possible to easily transfer to a California State University and earn an AA degree.  She was instrumental in bringing in a judge, a deputy district attorney and a retired police lieutenant to teach criminal justice classes.

"We're not a police program," she said.  "We focus on the justice system as a whole.  We're an academic track."

Fall 2011 in review

The sizzling September sun that lazily loomed over Pierce College is a faint memory as the end of the fall semester draws near. Now facing...

Homecoming Invites Everyone

Everybody is invited to activities of Pierce College annual homecoming on campus football field started at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 28. The admission for students is $3 and $5 for others. The homecoming will continue through the football game, which is against Ventura College started at 7:00 p.

Imprinting significance through ink

Instead of the aroma of cheese and dough, Jared McFarland is now constantly surrounded by the smells of fresh paint and ink, just how...

Home is where the script is

At 25, Erik Santos told his family he was leaving his life in Chicago behind in hopes of becoming a Hollywood screenwriter. The next...