Monday, September 24, 2018

No gridlock here

According to district officials, The Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) plans to become the first community college district in the nation to generate all its own electricity. A Oct.17 press release said LACCD, the nation's largest community college district, announced a precedent-setting plan to produce enough of its own electricity to take its nine campuses "off the power grid.

HIV testing returns

After announcing last month that free HIV testing would no longer be available on the Pierce College campus, the Health Center will once again be offering confidential testing beginning November 13. In addition to the confidential testing, the speaker's bureau Being Alive will be returning to campus for an AIDS/HIV Awareness Week that will highlight personal accounts of living with HIV/AIDS.

Tuition reduction sought

When Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the bill to reduce fees from $26 to $20 per unit beginning after Jan 1, 2007, members of the Los Angeles Faculty Guild and other educational organizations said the reduction was not enough. The guild's new initiative, filed in mid-July, proposes a reduction in enrollment fees to $15 per unit and would restrict the government from increasing the fees in the future.

Poor planning leads to low homecoming attendance

Without a king or queen, or much involvement from the clubs for a unique new arrangement the Associated Students' Organization (ASO) planned for Saturday's homecoming, few in attendance realized that the game was Pierce College's official homecoming game. Cheerleading coach Jenny Johnson organized the 2004 and 2005 homecomings, and had planned on continuing the traditional event, complete with king and queen this year.

Faculty helps Native American organization help others in need

America is deemed by many as "the land of opportunity" and is a country in which so many of our ancestors and existing immigrants seek to inhabit in hopes of a better life. So then why is it that, according to a 2004 survey of the United States' Census Bureau, twelve and a half percent of the U.

Two opposites face off in forum debate

What started as a calm and informative night ended in a heated discussion with a pending debate at the Proposition and Candidate forum Thursday in the Pierce College Campus Center. The event was sponsored by the Women's Organization Coalition collaboration with Pierce.

College awarded $95,000 grant

It is a trying time right now for America's hospitals and in the eyes of many, they are falling apart.

Classrooms refurbished

During the winter session at Pierce College, when the majority of students are away on break, most classrooms are dark and silent. But this winter, 30 classrooms in the English, science and math buildings will be filled with the sound of drills and the smell of paint as contractors perform the first interior face-lift in more than 40 years.

Latino club renamed, shifts focus to faith

Latinos with a Purpose, an Associated Students Organization club at Pierce College, recently changed its name to Refuge. With a mission statement, "to promote our Latino culture and share our Christian faith," they have decided to rename themselves to include everyone at Pierce.

Gov. signs bill, equalizes funding students

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a new law Oct. 4 that will give more funding to community colleges and replace Proposition 13 which was passed in 1978. The measure says that community colleges receive their funding from the state, not local districts as before.