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Occupy Pierce? – Con

Oh great, another occupy camp. Pierce should not follow in the footsteps of East Los Angeles College and form an occupy movement. First and foremost, I understand the message behind the movement loud and clear, but I have trouble seeing as how one huge slumber party will change anything. The efforts of the protestors need […]

Should Students Return the Favor?

At the start of each semester college students worry about how much they’re going to have to spend in order to get an education. The average college student spends between $700 to $1,100 annually on textbooks and school supplies, according to the New York Times. Lets also not forget that usually each year, textbooks change […]

Why so much money?

Why so much money?

  Cartoon: Maria Salvador   Class has ended and for some students it means an hour between classes, so why not take that hour to grab some lunch?   Well if you like “overpriced” food then the Freudian Sip is the choice for you to get your food here on campus. Of course the Sip […]

Con: Going to far?

    The use of Pepper spray on student protestors at UC Davis was unacceptable behavior from police officers on campus. I personally am against the protests popping up all around the country. However, I am not against the right for people to do so, I only wish those who do have a clearer idea […]

Unit cap helps students

Too much of one thing can be bad. The cap prohibiting students from taking more than 18 units prevents students from placing themselves in tough situations. The cap is there to help the student and not hurt them. If a student were to have the liberty of signing up for more classes then would it not lead to […]

There should not be a cap of 18 units in community colleges in the LACCD

Time is precious and limiting the amount of units that a student can take during a semester is not acceptable. Students have to work, take care of their responsibilities, find time to study, travel to school and back, and attend classes. Allowing students to take more classes is more economical for the student because they […]

Pro: Going to far?

Everyday it seems like citizens are finding new reasons to gather in large groups to protest for a cause they believe in. Which is great, to an extent.   The problem with a lot of these so called organized sit-ins is that they are not very organized at all. Most of these demonstrators lack a […]

A long way up

A long way up

Illustration: Maria Salvador   The Grand Staircase, leading to the Art Hill, shows little mercy to those who must climb it, and even less to those who are physically disabled. The Special Services Student Handbook states that all students with disabilities must meet the same academic and other requirements as non-disabled students. This includes getting […]

Con: Cap on 18 units

The district should not have the right to handicap students’ progress of transferring to a four year university. Students should be able to choose their own roadmap to success. Students are responsible enough to make big boy and big girl decisions of how much work they can handle. LACCD needs to respect the choices of […]

Pierce should return the ITAP program

How long do you usually waste your time to find a parking place at the Pierce? How many times have you come to Pierce to park your car and couldn’t find a spot? How many times have you reached your class late because you had to park so far? One of the biggest problems that […]


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