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Pierce performs The Exonerated

At Pierce College, in the hands of director Valorie Grear, The Exonerated finds an appropriate fit in the Temporary Performing Arts Center, where the smaller space creates a more intimate atmosphere, augmented by great performances from the cast.   The Exonerated is an award-winning drama written by Jessica Blank and Eric Jensen, based on the […]

Let’s have classes for students instead of paying for useless administration

Dear Roundup,   Your 29 February 2012 edition is one of the best I have read in my 30+ years here at Pierce College.   Your editorial about the need to drop NO SHOW students, so others who came on the first day to learn could be added and be able to move ahead in […]

Impact of CSU enrollment freezing not as serious to Pierce

Although the proposed California State University enrollment freeze has raised fears about the future of colleges, the impact of the decision on Pierce students will not be as large as students in CSUs.   For Pierce students planning on transferring to CSUs, the decision will likely force them to either rethink their college plan or […]

Students find healing through film

Students find healing through film

  Pierce College students watch a documentary, “the Walking,” in the Great Hall on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 in Woodland Hills Calif. The documentary is about “a healing journey for war veterans and their families.” Photo: Kristen Aslanian His eyes were dry and emotionless as he walked out of the Great Hall after watching “The […]

SMC’s two-tier pricing system: charging more for core classes is wrong

Santa Monica College’s (SMC) plan of implementing a two-tier course pricing system goes against the mission statements of many community colleges such as Pierce, to provide an affordable education within means.   Under the new plan, SMC would offer high-demand classes at $200 a unit while other classes would cost $46 by the summer. SMC […]

Student loan crisis needs government help

Forgiving student loans would be a step toward securing the futures of college students.   Students and parents are both affected by the student loan crisis.  The average loan figure that parents have to pay is $34,000. After the 10-year repayment period that number is closer to $50,000, according to Forbes.com.   The economy is […]

Priority registration should extend to select students

For the disadvantaged students that attend Pierce College – the veterans, the first-generation college attendees, and the disabled – priority registration is one of the most important things in allowing them to attend college.   The argument over the distribution of priority registration is a heated one, and I believe the administration can come to […]

Campus needs more daily parking permit dispensers

Pierce College should have daily parking permit dispensers in all lots, not just on four of the eight it currently has.   Finding parking quickly on campus is a rare, but amazing feeling.   But, for some students who don’t have semester parking passes, finding a daily parking permit dispenser is one more obstacle they […]

Can we make college campuses safe again?

A series of school shootings during the last decade has lead many Americans to believe that school campuses are no longer safe.   They’ve become a high-profile target.   During the last decade, more than 50 school shootings have been recorded, according to Information Please.   The number will only continue to increase until our […]

First day no-shows should be dropped from classes

Professors have to drop students who do not show up the first day of class.   Too many students spend the first two weeks of school shopping for classes, holding seats in classes they don’t even intend to take.   With the existing economic environment this practice must be put to an end.   Students […]


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