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Black Friday overshadows Thanksgiving

  Friends, family and food illustrate Thanksgiving, a holiday around gratitude, but it is also tailgated by Black Friday, one of the busiest shopping days of the year, and by Cyber Monday, for those who refuse to leave the dinner table at all.   A great amount of time is spent on preparing the excessive […]

Metro Line 164 has it all

Metro Line 164 has it all

Many students already use public transportation to get to and from school. But if you drive, you might not realize how useful the bus can be, just for short trips during the day. Whatever your direction, whatever your fancy, Victory Boulevard’s Metro line 164 bus has something for every student at Pierce College. Victory Boulevard […]

Top four bus stops near campus

Your professor has just dismissed you from class. You have gathered all your supplies and are finished for the day at Pierce College. With your whole day ahead of you, you walk to the Metro stop and wait for a bus. Stepping on the Metro Line bus is a daily standard for an average of […]

Students, faculty react to marijuana ban repeal

During the summer the Los Angeles City Council voted to ban marijuana dispensaries but recently voted 11-2 to repeal a ban on all medical marijuana pot dispensaries due to the high demand from the public.   California’s 1996 Compassionate Use Act– or Proposition 215– allows people to use marijuana for medicinal purposes only.   “The […]

Earn your freedom

Veteran’s Day is right around the corner.   You know it as a day off; for some, it means much more.   As a disabled military veteran, I spent most of my adult life working under a different set of rules and values than the ones I find myself navigating through now that I am […]

What about next time?

We sure do depend on electricity around here.   Monday’s power outage– caused by a blown transformer way down on Ventura Boulevard– struck the campus between classes and only lasted an hour.   During that hour, one thing became evident– we have some holes to plug in our emergency response capability.   Monday’s power failure […]

Vote No on Prop. 34

Throughout America’s history, the death penalty has been highly controversial, however, an approval of Proposition 34 would eliminate the death penalty entirely, evading justice and giving power to criminals.   Prop. 34 calls for the removal of California’s death penalty as maximum punishment for persons found guilty of murder and replaces it with life imprisonment […]

Vote Yes on Prop. 35

In the land of the free, California laws fail to crack down on modern slave owners. Insufficient legislation against an increasing sex trade is in need of major revision. Prop 35, featured on the November 6 ballot, will broaden the definition of human trafficking and increase penalties for convicted offenders. Current regulation of sex and […]

Vote Yes on Prop. 37

If you’re one of those health buffs still buzzing about the “organic” craze then pay attention to a food friendly bill up for vote on the November 6 ballot.   Proposition 37 will instate a clear method for labeling foods which have been genetically engineered or contain trace amounts of genetic material.   Certain food […]

Surveillence cameras necessary

Surveillence cameras necessary

    The jewel of the Los Angeles Community College District is becoming more and more tarnished with every week due to mounting budget concerns.   But as your mother always told you, there are some things that you simply can’t skimp on.   Deodorant, food, toilet paper– you get the point.   One of […]


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