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Dance show fills theater seats

Dancers entertained a packed-out audience with many different styles of dance that ended in a standing ovation at the opening of the 2013 Fall Dance Concert “Signatures” Friday night in the Performing Arts Complex at Pierce College. The show contained choreography from six student and five faculty choreographers and featured a wide range of genres, […]

E-cigarettes have no place on campus

Students who smoke have been shunned at Pierce, yet a whole new wave of smoke has risen over the campus: water vapor. Cigarette smokers have been pushed to puff in the parking lots while e-cigarette users can freely inhale around campus without rules or regulations. If a smoker is caught inhaling their nicotine fix on […]

Blue lights illuminate safety issues

Blue lights illuminate safety issues

One should always feel safe walking through campus with the knowledge an emergency blue phone is near by, but they might as well not exist since most of them sit broken behind construction tape or under out of order signs. These blue phones, also know as “blue lights,” are meant to provide a quick method […]

Letter to the Editor: Response to Obamacare rep issue

Re:  Pam Brown Letter to the Editor, Oct. 30, 2013 I was surprised to find Dr. Pam Brown’s “Letter to the Editor” in the October 30, 2013 Roundup in which she bemoaned the lack of an Obamacare debate at the Day of Politics. Everyone who attended our Q&A regarding Obamacare knew that our guest speaker […]

Speaking on behalf of battered country

When I first heard through social media about Typhoon Haiyan striking the Philippines, I didn’t even bat an eyelash. After all, my homeland has a tendency of attracting natural disasters left and right. And then, the numbers started showing up: hundreds of bodies washed up in the aftermath, thousands more feared dead from the devastating […]

Lack of lights cause concern

With the onset of daylight savings time, darkness sets in early these days, leaving a certain feeling of safety to be desired on campus. As a female who has taken many evening classes in past semesters, I know the fear of darkness all too well. I’m not afraid of the dark. I’m not afraid of […]

Learning to live with concussions’ long-term effects

Throughout my short athletic career I have suffered a variety of injuries from sprained wrists to a ruptured ACL in my left knee, but none have compared to the long lingering effects of the two major concussions I have had. The first one was probably the most traumatic one I endured even though I do […]

Pierce needs school spirit

It should come as no shock that the Los Angeles campus of Pierce College is a haven for film production, but the reason is not proximity to Hollywood – rather it’s the bare nature of school spirit. Film productions are costly because they build elaborate sets to transport viewers to faraway places. So, if a […]

Warner Center 2035 Plan will benefit Pierce College

Over the past couple of years, Pierce College has attempted to reinvent itself by adding a few choice structures with the intention of brightening up the campus, but you can’t necessarily light one or two candles in a chandelier and expect all the prisms to illuminate. It’s time for a dramatic change in scenery and […]

Trash talk for those on campus

Trash talk for those on campus

It’s easy to place blame on the custodians for lack of cleanliness on campus and in classrooms, but too often we neglect our own responsibilities as students, or simply even as adults. The secret is out: our campus is filthy. While students and faculty look to the custodial staff for help, it’s important to remember […]


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