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Students would feel safer by having more video cameras on campus

When a student goes to school they do not want to see it covered with armed policemen everywhere they go as though it is a prison. Cameras are a lot less noticeable then policemen. Though cameras are not able to fight back as a police officer can, they offer so much more to make up […]

Pierce needs to tighten up security

Our beloved campus is in the middle of a crossfire. Between who, you ask? The acts of violence occurring on campus, and us. Let’s face it: safety on campus is a big concern to all of us, especially when the majority of us spend a hefty amount of time here. With the recent bouts of […]

The Battle To Transfer

The Battle To Transfer

    Priority enrollment should be given to students with the most seniority and who are ready to transfer. This semester found classes filled wall-to-wall with students attempting to add, totaling more than two and three times the amount of actually enrolled students. One might think, why didn’t these students just register for classes at […]

Plan B

Plan B

I am a Pierce Student, but did not get any of my classes this fall, now what? It is no surprise that many students were not able to enroll or add some, if not all of the classes that they anticipated on taking this semester. This leaves the students at a stand-still as it relates to […]

Waste of bond money

Waste of bond money

The bond project money is being squandered on frivolous structures around campus.  There is campus beautification and then there is just pointless spending. With the opportunity for the campus to build new structures and purchase new equipment for students to further their education the administration has decided to spend the bond money on a sundial. […]

Letter to the Editor: lack of classes

Dear Editor, I am writing in response to your editorial column published on September 28, 2011 concerning the lack of classes during this fall 2011 term. My response to your editorial is not for, (sic) or against any of your statements made in the column, (sic) but I am rather taking this opportunity to add […]

The loss of “Student Voice”

With the recent loss of Ventura, Oxnard, and Moorpark College’s “Student Voice,” the age of newsprint in our community colleges seems to be coming to an end. As a reporter for the Roundup, it’s a shame to see the hard work of other student-run papers be condemned to the internet. Sure, they’ll still have their […]

Con: DREAM Act

Before we begin, let me share something: It is better to earn your need than to ask for it. Many opposed to the DREAM Act, and some reasons are because it’s fraudulent; politicians are supporting it just to gain votes. In addition, it’s an invitation, not only for more illegal immigrants but for people who […]

A DREAM for undocumented students, a nightmare for citizens

Amidst a time when college students are agonizing over the rising cost of tuition, it’s unbelievable that people are voting to make these fees more difficult to pay by cutting financial aid for United States residents and giving away money for the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (D.R.E.A.M.) Act. What boggles my mind […]

Have a heart for the undocumented

Amnesty for you, me and everyone else. The need for the government to identify us is getting ridiculous.  Having to listen to people about the undocumented among us requires patience. “They don’t pay taxes,” said the brainwashed political lobbyist. “They can’t speak English,” said another establishment type. Go to New York City and read the […]


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