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Silent construction sites deafen school morale

Half-finished construction over numerous areas of the Pierce College campus is affecting school morale, making it time that officials do something about it. Pierce  has undergone many changes since its founding more than 65 years ago. Buildings have been built, renovated and taken down, making the campus what it is today. There are currently 24 […]

Recreational marijuana shouldn’t be treated lightly

In every general health class, whether it was a high school or college course, drug abuse was a core unit in every one of my syllabi. Drugs can be classified among depressants, stimulants, anti-psychotics and hallucinogens. However, marijuana, recreational or medical, is termed in its own classification as a cannabinoid. Marijuana affects people differently and […]

College Council inconsistent

College Council inconsistent

The Ralph M. Brown Act of 1953 was passed in California to guarantee the public’s right to the access and notice of meetings held by any legislative body. This includes any legislative or advisory body that is involved in Pierce’s shared governance system such as the Academic Senate, Associated Students Organization and the Pierce College […]

Pierce has a FREE shuttle bus?

Rather than long walks to parking lots trudging steep hills in withering heat, Pierce College students should take advantage of the air conditioned courtesy shuttle bus which moves students to and from assigned campus areas every 10 minutes. Computer Engineering major Valdaiz Hicks, 19, says he thinks the Pierce shuttle bus is perfect. “This is […]

Theater department ends on positive review

The seating filled up this year for the Pierce College Theater Department, reaching an 85% overall seat capacity while still in their temporary home; a 15% increase from last year’s numbers. The real boost came from the subscription increase: 44% of people bought tickets for all four plays this past year including fall of 2012, […]

Pistol course, no problem

Pierce College offers a one-day basic pistol course as part of their non-credit program, Pierce Extension, and has since 2008 but members of a local neighborhood council want it removed from the campus. Considering that nothing has happened in the five years that the course has been held on campus, there doesn’t seem to be […]

Horrendous heat needs hurried solution

With summer right around the corner, temperatures are rising as quickly as the semester is coming to an end. Woodland Hills has been known to experience some of the highest, ands record-breaking, temperatures during summer months. This scorching weather is not the best for students who are walking through campus or hanging around while they […]

Fresh food for Pierce

  Since the arrival of the food trucks, Pierce College staff, faculty and students have been looking for an alternative source of food.   Pierce does not need to look far when they have a gold mine on the corner of Victory and De Soto.   Finding a slice of pizza, a fatty hamburger or […]

On-campus pub would bring students together

Since there are so many new buildings being constructed at Pierce College, administrators should consider opening a pub on campus. There are a number of reason why a pub should be opened at Pierce. The first reason would be that it would attract more students to attend our campus as opposed to other colleges. It […]

Cricca’s Italian Deli stays true to itself

With a Milano Italia flag hanging to your left and a framed “The Godfather” poster to your right, the moment you walk through the doors of Cricca’s Italian Deli, you can tell you’ve entered a proud Italian establishment. Located in a small parking lot on Topanga Canyon Boulevard, it’s easy to miss if you’re driving […]


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