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Lower standards will hurt more than help

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is proposing to lower graduation requirements for students entering high school in the fall because they fear more students will drop-out.   The LAUSD could let students graduate even if they get a “D” in the college prep courses they will be required to take.   Graduating with […]

Why only three lucky departments?

Instead of equally distributing additional sections between departments, this semester, Pierce College ignorantly added 42 sections, which include 1,000 seats, to three departments alone.   More than 100 students stood at the door of each biology class during the first week of this semester.   More than 100 students in each section hoped this would […]

Baroque String Quartet Performs a Free Concert

An eclectic mix of beautiful haunting melodies and loud fast paced movements filled the music room as a string quartet played for a free concert Thursday, April 19.   The performance was very interesting, with a student “knocking out” in his chair and falling onto the ground startling everyone around him and ending the first […]

Restrictions on financial grant threatens students’ futures

The new limitations placed upon the Pell Grant should be revoked.   As of July 1, 2012 students will only be eligible 12 semesters during their lifetime for the Pell Grant.   The Basic Educational Opportunity Grant Program or simply the Pell Grant was created in 1972 to help undergraduate students with the cost of […]

Money to burn — Cal State president salaries are too high in this time of financial worry

Cal State Universities are facing many issues, increasing tuition, fewer open classes, and a possible increase in salary for the presidents of Cal State University Presidents. Clearly the last one does not seem to fit in with the rest of the problems. How can the Cal State system justify increasing salaries when their schools are […]

Trustees are out of reach

Trustees are out of reach

        The Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) needs to be more transparent and more easily accessible to the people they govern. The Board of Trustees for the LACCD, an elected body, made the decision to remove their contact information from their website last semester. In this current state of ever-increasing collegiate […]

Santa Monica College protest pepper spraying was unjust

Santa Monica College (SMC) students protested against the two-tier course-pricing plan on April 3 during a board of trustees meeting.   The students who were all in the right to be angered by the two-tier course pricing plan that has been set to begin this upcoming Summer 2012 semester, protested only after their right to […]

Panel discussion: Is the media more of a help or hindrance to veterans

Using film to affect society was one of the main points discussed by members of a panel in The Great Hall on Wednesday.   After a powerful screening of The Welcome, a healing journey for war veterans and their families on Wednesday, March 21. different members of the community were on hand to take questions. […]

Pierce performs The Exonerated

At Pierce College, in the hands of director Valorie Grear, The Exonerated finds an appropriate fit in the Temporary Performing Arts Center, where the smaller space creates a more intimate atmosphere, augmented by great performances from the cast.   The Exonerated is an award-winning drama written by Jessica Blank and Eric Jensen, based on the […]

Let’s have classes for students instead of paying for useless administration

Dear Roundup,   Your 29 February 2012 edition is one of the best I have read in my 30+ years here at Pierce College.   Your editorial about the need to drop NO SHOW students, so others who came on the first day to learn could be added and be able to move ahead in […]


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