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Campus film production is productive

Most students will not be on the silver screen, but a film shoot on campus gives them the next best thing: being on set while a shoot is taking place. People are excited by the buzz of Hollywood filmmaking and the chance to see their school be used as a location on a favorite show […]

Two tier tuition for community college intersessions unfair

California community college’s main goals are to provide learning opportunities, which is difficult with full and reduced classes, but California Legislature Assembly Bill 955 is not the answer. The “Community colleges: intersession extension programs” bill permits students to bypass the masses by paying full tuition, $236 per unit, to access popular classes during summer and […]

New law delivers college classes not caste system

Under a new California law, eligible community colleges may create extension programs during winter and summer sessions with courses that are essential for students to graduate or transfer. California Legislature Assembly Bill 955, signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown on Oct. 10, places six community colleges in a voluntary pilot program to create more […]

Class crashers need consequences

Students may crash a class at some point because there are too many students and not enough classes, but nothing happens to serial crashers who drop before the withdraw deadline. With the demand for classes high and low seating, crashers strip away and delay the learning opportunities of students with the intestinal fortitude to finish […]

Opinion Poll: Should Pierce College offer four-year degrees

The following poll was conducted by staff reporter Jesus Castro on the Pierce College campus on Oct. 18, 2013.  Students were asked these questions below and responded as noted. Question: Would you consider getting a 4-year degree from Pierce? Yes – 44 No – 33   Question: What’s the deciding factor? Yes Cost 30 Yes Location […]

Fresh food fights The Freshman 15

An occasional apple from a campus food truck or a banana from the fruit bowl at the Freudian Sip does not represent enough fresh produce options for Pierce College students. The only food sources found on campus are limited to greasy dishes off the trucks that hug Lot 1 and at the Center for Sciences, […]

Don’t be a social pariah on Halloween

For those asking the question, “What should I be for Halloween?” the answer is to go big or go home, try to be as original as possible and don’t be over the top. The answer seems simple, but it took this writer two Halloween costume failures to figure it out. May this article help you […]

Opinion Poll: Would students pay more to add popular classes?

The following poll was conducted by staff reporter Kat Wilson on the Pierce College campus on Oct. 14, 2013. Students were asked, “Would you pay more to add popular classes?” and 75 of them answered this way. 61: Yes 14: No  

A health-y performance

Diane Rose Kelly performed 13 songs of her upcoming album entitled, “Avalon Rose”, for family and friends Thursday night at the Guitar Merchant in Canoga Park. Kelly is a musician in the making with her music consisting of pop rock with a bit of soul added to it. Before the performance, the musician lightly smoked […]

Can’t we all just get along

Can’t we all just get along

Over the last month two qualified woman, Vice President of Academic Policy Kathy Oborn and Vice President of Curriculum Margarita Pillado, placed senators and students in an awkward positions as they each claimed to be the rightful Academic Senate president. While students crashed classes and continued to deal with unfinished construction and no cafeteria, the […]


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