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President now aiding students

President now aiding students

Cartoon: Maria Salvador   Students will now be able to receive total, or some relief from their student loans after President Obama announced his plan to help students with their school loans. The act/plan is great for the all the students who have, or will have any loans to pay off in their future. Students […]

The college’s mission

The college’s mission

Cartoon: Maria Salvador     The jewel of California’s educational system, the community college, may soon be changing for the worse and losing the pieces that have made it so valuable.   The California state budget crisis and resulting cuts in the education budget have convinced administrators and lawmakers alike that the mission of the […]

Get out of your carts

Get out of your carts

Cartoon By Maria Salvador   Sure, we have a 24-hour Sheriff’s Station on campus and we’ve seen cadets around a few times, but most of the time we find them riding through campus on their carts and sweeping by all too quickly.   What’s more, there are places where trouble could occur and those carts […]

Should student loan debt reduction cause more college enrollment?

President Obama signed an executive order to reduce student loan payments to make them easier to repay.   Under the new plan, which will to go into effect during 2014, students would be required to repay their loans at a rate of 10 percent of their income instead of the current 15 percent. Their debt […]

Education, a worthwhile investment in America’s future

A student’s decision to get a college education shouldn’t be depend or be affected by who is in congress at the moment, but for most, it is. Approximately 150 students gathered at Rocky Young Park at Pierce College Wednesday, October 26, for the “Where’s the Funding” rally to protest budget cuts that have caused tuition fee’s […]

Pierce’s first play comes to an end

Pierce’s theatre department hosted the closing night of its first play of the year, “The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow,” for a sold-out audience in the temporary performing arts complex Sun. Main character Jennifer Marcus, who was played by former Pierce student Jenny Kang, 23, was a complex character who was adopted by an American […]

Letter to the Editor

Pierce and Smokers If you are a smoker, Pierce is not an easy place for you. Most of the old “smoking areas” are gone and you are relegated to smoking in the parking lots. Even these sanctuaries are under attach and may be gone in a year or so. Let me say that I am […]

Letter to the Editor

2.0 GPA!  I believe this is what is keeping the competent students (3.0 and above) to come forward and represent the ASO.  Low entry requirements mean low standards.  A student who has “maintained” 2.0 GPA is barely capable managing his or her own schoolwork.  If these students join the ASO, it is most likely for […]

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor: I am writing to follow up on a story that was printed back around May 2011 regarding the care of the horses housed at Pierce College and the fact that one was in such poor health that it had to be euthanized due to the lack of care it was getting by the […]

Allowing gay studies into college classrooms

San Diego State University (SDSU) announced they will be offering a major in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender studies, in 2012, echoing congress’s recent ruling to end discrimination against the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) community with the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”. I applaud SDSU’s progressive mindset that makes them second in the […]


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