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Top 5 study spots

Studying has been a ritual many students use no matter what level of education you are at, some even have specials they feel will give them “good luck”. My top five study spots are places around Pierce College that I’m willing to share with you hoping my luck will rub off on you for your […]

Top 5 scenic areas on campus

We spend a good part of our days on campus, as students and faculty members. For a lot of us not only are we on campus most of the day, but we are also here a minimum of 2 days a week. Sometimes during the hustle and bustle of our lives on campus we need […]

Top 5 food finds for $5 or less

Let’s face it, as college students we have to pay for books, computers, lab materials, and our steadily rising registration fees. All of those things can really starve a college student’s wallet, and the last thing we want to worry about is spending tons of the money we have left on our growling stomachs. Well, […]

Avoid the annoyance and park off-campus

The start of any day for a typical Pierce College student usually involves them rushing to their class, mostly due to the fact that the students could not find a parking space in the over-crowded parking lots on campus.   Students are wasting so much of their time driving around campus hoping to find a […]

Food at Fab’s for under five

Food at Fab’s for under five

Fab Hot Dogs, Located at 19417 Victory Blvd, is without question one of the best hot dog restaurants in the valley. Upon arriving at the restaurant at Loehmann’s Plaza, the parking lot was big and full of spaces to park. Since the new construction was done, everything looks nice and new, with very visible handicap parking […]

Raising the price on your sugary vice

Raising the price on your sugary vice

As lines in the school’s café and student store can stretch to absurd lengths, vending machines have always been Pierce’s saving grace for students looking to snag a quick snack.   However, now that prices have gone up on vending machine products, these machines are looking a lot less appealing.   Between the recent hike […]

Getting the class you need is a click away with social media

Trading classes is an effective way to get the classes students need, as we all know classes at Pierce College and many other colleges fill up quickly and for most students it is important to be a full-time student with a minimum of twelve units. Even though Pierce’s Student Information System does not have an […]

Cellphones in the classroom: Pro

A student’s cellphone in class is perhaps one of the most beneficial things they can have with them, yet in almost all schools throughout the United States students have been penalized for having their phones in class. However, it seems that a cellphone can be much more than just a distraction. Most teachers would say […]

Cellphones in the classroom: Con

We have all been there before, that distinctive Iphone ringtone that no one bothers to change goes off in class. Everyone in the vicinity either reaches for their pockets, or their purses and the teacher pauses briefly. Nearly everyone has a smartphone, and they are great in almost every situation, but not in a college […]

Food trucks are the way to go

Pierce College food trucks on campus deliver high quality choices for students. From delicious dishes like tacos, quesadillas, and pizza it is no mystery why students choose to eat on campus. The Hot Sauce Food Truck provides excellent Mexican and American dishes like chicken quesadillas, beef tacos, and hamburgers. The beef tacos were well done when […]


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