Football coach set to defend championship

The fall football team at Pierce will have much to look back upon and even more to look forward to with a two -year consecutive championship victory in 2009 and 2010 and a brand new season under Head Coach Efrain Martinez.

As head coach of a community college football team, Coach Martinez highly emphasizes the importance of players advancing to upper division colleges.  It therefore serves as no surprise that just last season 15 players went on to Division- One schools, while 21 went on to Division-Two schools.

“That’s the whole reason why we do this”, said Martinez.

After coaching at both Van Nuys High School and El Camino High School as an assistant coach, Martinez moved on to become assistant coach at Valley in 2001 and then at Pierce since 2002 where he became Head Coach in 2006.

As head coach at Pierce College now for his fifth season, Martinez shares his anticipation for each and every game with the team.

“No one game is more important than the other”, said Martinez.  “Each approaching game is anticipated equally.”

With consecutive championship victories, both the team and coaches have raised the level of expectation accordingly which should make for a promising season this year.

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