Students Organizing for Success

Students Organizing for Success (SOS) is a campus club founded on the goal of empowering students to fight the budget cuts.

The club was started four years ago, but this is only its third year as SOS.

“It’s a reformed club this semester,” said Gabriel Mellibosky, the club president. “Everything about SOS now is directed toward the students, and it’s taking more of a radical view [on the subject].”

Mellibosky, who is also the Associated Students Organization (ASO) president, is directing the club’s focus on promoting the Oct. 26 Where’s The Funding? (WTF?) rally.

“The students have to come together as a whole, because students don’t say anything,” said Mellibosky. “They raise tuition [by] $10 and cut some classes and they stay quiet, so we need to promote awareness among the students.”

The club is making an effort to generate support for the rally from state legislators. In fact, club members are doing their first legislative visit Friday, Oct. 21.

They will be visiting state Assemblywoman Julia Brownley of the 41st Assembly District and state Senator Fran Pavley of the 23rd State Senate District.

Assistant Professor of Sociology James McKeever, the club’s faculty advisor, will be speaking Monday, Oct. 17, at 3 p.m. in the Great Hall to inform the Pierce community about the ongoing budget cuts and what can be done against it.

The lecture, entitled We Are The 99%: Protest, Change, and the Future of Education, will be a precursor for the WTF? Rally. McKeever plans on speaking on the idea of social change.

“I’m going to make a call for action for the students,” he said.

SOS meets Mondays at 2:30 p.m. in the ASO conference room, located inside the ASO office.

“It’s a small group right now because they just started, but it’s a very dedicated group,” said McKeever. “On top of that, when we have meetings they get things done. They’re very focused, very dedicated and very creative so I think they’re doing a pretty good job.”

Though the club is comprised of only a few students, its members are dedicated to the cause.

“I have to stay an extra year here, and it made me mad,” said Naveed Halavi, 20, the club’s treasurer. “The budget crisis is ridiculous, and [cuts] are going to keep happening unless we do something.”

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