Denim Day event draws students to share their experiences with sexual violence

Students made an appearance Wednesday at the Mall to support awareness and prevention of domestic violence, rape and stalking, which continue to affect individuals on campus.

Held by the Campus Violence Response Team, the Denim Day event is an educational campaign which informs students and the community about the consequences of sexual violence. It also gives students helpful advice on how to prevent assault.

Part of the campaign was the Clothesline Project, where students who were victims of sexual violence were able to get their message out by writing on a t-shirt. Each shirt represented different instances of sexual violence encountered by students.

The shirt colors signified different categories of sexual violence, with the white shirt representing that a death has occurred and paying tribute in memory of that person.

Volunteering at the event, Donna Rumaldo said that the best thing to do is to bring awareness.

“We live in a diverse society and with sick minds,” Rumaldo said. She added that many people do hide their feelings about being domestically assaulted.