Ask Kate Anything: Why summer school is not intimidating

Dear Scared,

Yes, the summer session is quite a bit shorter than the fall and spring semesters, but don’t let that fact intimidate you. The summer is a fantastic time to get ahead in your classes, catch up, or even explore a new interest.

During the spring and fall semesters, most students take multiple classes. Thinking about the summer with the mindset of one who takes 12 units during a regular 16-week semester, that same workload in half or one-third the time does seem overwhelming. Impossible, even. But you will not be taking 12 units.

Pace yourself. Take one class for each of the 5-week sessions, or one to two classes during the 8-week session. You will be spending more time per week in each class, but your brain won’t be required to remember four or five different subjects at once.

You can immerse yourself in only one class and concentrate solely on that subject, making summer actually a little easier than the fall and spring, rather than more stressful because of the time constraint.

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