If they can flip it, they can play

The Table Top Club is a new club at Pierce College  that brings students together to play their favorite table top games while having fun.

Stanley Jordan, club president, along with other students started the club about three weeks ago. This new club meets in the ASO building everyday, where they play tabletop games. Table top games are any games that require a table.

“If we can flip it we can play it,” Jordan said.

The club has about 24 members and have elected a president, a representative, assistant representative and a secretary. But before becoming an official club at Pierce, the members had to do a couple of things first. Creating a club requires a lot of paperwork to make their club official. They also had to get members for the club and find an advisor to support the club.

“New clubs are not fun to start because there is a lot of paper work to be done” said Matthew Nieman, the assistant representative.

The club didn’t have any trouble bringing in members as some of them already hung out at the ASO building and played tabletop games.

Every Thursday afternoon they have an official club meeting that only the representatives attend, to plan things out. Every week, Monday through Friday, the club has unofficial meetings where the members get together and play the games that they love.

Jordan and Nieman did not always have a passion for tabletop games, they were both into sports when they were younger.

“As a kid, I was always sports oriented and I got tired of it,” Jordan said.

Risk is one of Jordan’s favorite games to play but Pokémon seems to be a favorite right now amongst the members including Nieman and the club secretary, Anya Giernet.

“I really like Pokemon tabletop, it is my favorite game right now,” Giernet said.

There is no specific criteria to be in the club and everyone is welcome to join as long as you have a passion for playing the games.

As club president, Jordan  is responsible for coming up with events and fundraisers. Jordan is very serious about each club member and their schoolwork. He makes sure that each member is getting good grades, doing their homework and going to all their classes.

It is not just about tabletop games to Jordan. He wants to do something more for all the students at Pierce College.

Students can visit the ASO office during the week for more information on the Table Top Club.

“Maybe one day we can build a recreational center where people can come in and relax and play games or have something to eat and drink,” Jordan said.