Water polo gets its fifth loss

The Pierce College women’s water polo team lost 5-16 to Citrus College in a home game on Wednesday, September 23.

This is Pierce’s fifth straight loss this season, making their record 0-5.

Pierce’s offense struggled throughout the game against Citrus’ defense that made scoring difficult.

“Some of the individual things we’ve been focusing on is defense all around the board,” said Meaghan Paschall, head women’s water polo coach for Citrus College. “This was a good game for us to kind of bring in the past couple of defensive skills we’ve been working on.”

Citrus’ defense disrupted Pierce’s scoring ability that caused many scoring runs to go past the allowed shot clock.

“Citrus is a really good team,” said Emily Gilbert, co-captain of Pierce’s women’s water polo team. “Their defense was good today.”

With Pierce College’s season currently winless, there is room for improvement for the team.

“All we’re trying to do is improve and we’ve improved with every game,” said Moriah Van Norman, head coach for Pierce College’s women’s water polo team. “We’re always trying to adapt but the biggest thing is safe passing and ensure we can get those offensive positions.”

Pierce College’s next game is an away game on Wednesday, September 30 against Santa Monica College at 3:30pm.