The lady Brahmas found it difficult to score

The Pierce College women’s soccer team pushed to gain a bigger lead at the top of the standings as the team hosted Moorpark College, on Friday Oct. 2, 2015.

The Brahmas came into this match with a 5-0-3 record, meanwhile the Raiders stepped into this encounter with a 3-1-3 record.

The game itself had limited chances. In the first half very few chances occurred as the most dangerous play Moorpark came very close to scoring. Cindy Godina had to come up with key saves for the Brahmas to prevent the Raiders from taking the lead.

As the team kept trying to push up further with the ball and get into the opposition’s side of the field, the Raiders kept making stops and making it difficult for the Brahmas to have good possessions.

Defensively for the Brahmas they did well as the Raiders had few opportunities at goal.  

The second half saw more of the same with very limited chances as well.

The Raiders came out of the second half with more energy for the first couple of minutes of the game but the Brahmas raised the team’s energy as well but still struggled to get a gaol.

Makayla Nichols had the clearest chance in the half. Cindy Godina also made a save to deny the Raiders again. The game ended in a 0-0 draw.

Head Coach Adolfo Perez gave his thought on the team’s result, and also on his team’s performance.

“Disappointing. It’s a shame that a team has to come and play all defense”.

He also mentioned on what his team has to improve on.

“We have to keep working on scoring a goals, and we will do that”.

Pierce goalkeeper Cindy Godina had her reaction to the game and the team’s overall performance.

“It’s good and bad because we could have finished our opportunities in goal, but it was decent,” Godina said. “We could have done better in communicating and touching the ball, but if we start doing that then we start kicking it up and start scoring some goals.”

Godina also evaluated her individual performance against the Raiders.

“I saved like seven or eight, and since my ankle was hurting and to pump the ball it hurt a lot. I have been having this problem for a while, but it started hurting two weeks ago.”

Freshman player Angela Verduzco thought the team performed descent but could have played better.

“I don’t think we played the best we could play. We were kind of reacting to them instead of us playing our game,” Verduzco said. “We could have definitely connected better as a team, our communication level was lower than it normally is. In order to find a result we have to communicate and play better”.