Dirty truth

Campus conditions have been a concern from trash around eating areas to the questionable hygiene of the bathrooms and students have been speaking up about it.  

Students on campus expressed their frustration with campus cleanliness. The bathrooms are the main concern according to Belen Hernandez, a business major.

“The bathrooms I feel, especially the girls bathroom in the village, are really disgusting. It has poor maintenance. At times there isn’t any toilet paper or anything to put on the seats,” Hernandez said.

Jean Paul, a business major, showed his frustration with the current state of the restrooms.

“I went to the Village to use the restroom, and it was really really disgusting,” Paul said. “They should do something about it. The soap is never filled, and paper towels are barely in. The bathrooms are the main issue.”

Dan Rowe is one of many custodians on campus. He insists that there is no shortage of staff and states action is being taken on this issue.

“We are doing something about it but the more we do in the classrooms more students leave trash behind them. You go in the bathrooms and you find people’s lunches in there,” Rowe said. “On Monday it’s a pain. You got the soccer people and you got people on the weekend.” You are trying to get everything done in the space in three hours.”

Bruce Rosky is Associate Vice President in the Administrative Services department. Rosky mentioned the budget process, where the money goes and the risks of being an open campus.

“When we do our budgeting process we have to address our allocation. Sometimes we will budget the manner that we fund things at a later time. We consider how we are in this current year” Rosky said. “This is an open campus. As an open campus anybody can walk in. The students, guests of students, the public, and people who exercise. Our restrooms are not locked. Student passes are not required. Being an open campus does have it risks with that so that’s how we are currently structured.”

Rosky explains the work order system and how custodians do their job in regards to the bathrooms.

“The college has a work order system in place. The staff are aware of an area that needs to be addressed. They make sure a work order is in place,” Rosky said. “I know all restrooms are on a cycle to replace all the supplies I think that’s how they do it.When they see something missing they replace it that’s what I have observed.”

Rosky mentions the main priority for the college and how the money is being used.

“Our department needs money for health and safety reasons. We make sure they have sufficient funds. Health and safety is a top priority for the college.” Rosky said.