Con: Online classes

There are many questions regarding whether students should take traditional classes or online classes. I personally believe that attending classes on-campus is more rewarding than taking them online as it gives students the opportunity to fully experience college.

Attending classes is more convenient because it shows that, even with a busy schedule, you are making time to show up to class. It proves that you are willing to learn and succeed no matter how hard it may be. I believe traditional education looks better on a transcript than online classes because it proves hard work and dedication.

Taking online classes doesn’t give you the opportunity to have a face-to-face conversation with your instructor. According to Forbes, communication is the most important skill that one needs to have. It will always be part of life and will definitely help improve the quality of life.

Communicating in person with both your instructor and classmates is definitely the most important thing. It helps improve your communication skills. Interacting in person gives you the chance to express your ideas and ask questions by using gestures and eye contact, which I believe are the most important elements in communication. By communicating online, there is a higher chance that instructors may not understand what you are trying to say, which may cause you to do poorly in class.

Besides the fact that you can better communicate with instructors and classmates, you have the chance to speak to faculty members and be recognized. If you have doubts or need help, schools have different departments to get your questions answered.

Traditional education is more expensive than online classes but is worth the money. With traditional education, you are experiencing your community. You are interacting with other people and getting to network with professionals within your major. Having contacts can lead you to a successful life. Most jobs you get are through people you know.

Joining clubs is also beneficial to many students as it looks good on a transcript. It shows that you engage with diverse groups of people and work well with others. It helps you gain leadership skills, which you will be using everyday in life.