All-star Rosso strikes team interest

Dreams of playing as a professional athlete bud in the minds of youth. This freshman outside hitter started at a later age. Cassidy Rosso started playing in high school and values leadership, the will to win and the love of her teammates as the reasons she continues to play.

Cassidy Rosso was named one of the players on the all-tournament at the conclusion of the state championships.

In high school Rosso played junior varsity, as well as varsity, and her family had to get used to a different sport.

“My family was more of a basketball family, so volleyball is new them, but then [again] my brother also played,” Rosso said.

She credits her high school coaches as one of the reasons she was able to improve her skills and continue growing as a player. She also plans to transfer once she completes her education at Pierce, but doesn’t have a set plan yet.

“My biggest mentor is my high school assistant coach Sheldon Sheehy, who coached me for three years before coming to Pierce,” Rosso said. “Right now I am talking to a couple of schools, but I am not sure where I am going to end up.”

She enjoys her teammates and the bond they have developed over the year.

“This season has been a blast it’s hard work everyday, but the payoffs have been amazing. I absolutely adore these girls,” Rosso said.

Athletic director Bob Lofrano said she is an outstanding player and he is happy she is on the team.

“She is one of the best athletes on the team and really a fine outside hitter and who would normally pile up the points,” Lofrano said. “Nabil Mardini, our head coach, always said that to be  successful, you really have to dominate the left side of the net, and that is what she does.”

Coach Nabil Mardini said she is a pleasure to have on the team and she is a focused player that compliments the rest of the girls.

Peyton Moyles, setter, praises Rosso on how beneficial she is to the team.

“Cassidy is an amazing teammate. I know that is a cliche word to say, but she does all the little things and always puts the ball away on the court,” Moyles said. “Her work ethic is impeccable. That girl is always on top of stuff. Whenever we have to do a scavenger report, she is the first one to remind everyone we have to do it, or when ever we have to do minutes, or write questions after practice, she is on top of all us and reminds us to get it done.”

“Cassidy is a wonderful player. She has great work ethics, and academically she is a well driven [person] who comes to practice everyday on time,” Mardini said. “She is a great team player and just a wonderful human being.”

Mardini believes she has a bright future ahead and can go where she wants to both athletically and educationally.

“The sky’s the limit she can play wherever she wants and obviously some colleges are talking to her right now, but Cassidy is definitely an asset to the team,” Mardini said. “We would not be where we are at without her. She is definitely an exceptional teammate to everyone.”

Moyles is appreciative of the professional and intimate behavior that Rosso shows her and the rest of the team.

“Cassidy is there for everyone on or off the court because she is always there for you as a teammate and as a friend,” Moyles said. “She is a leader in action. I look up to her for  inspiration. On her serves she can put it away anywhere on the back line and everywhere on the front line. I think she is ready for Division I, where she will make a difference wherever she goes.”