ConGRADulations: 69th Commencement Ceremony

ConGRADulations: 69th Commencement Ceremony

A sea of black caps covered Rocky Young Park as family members and friends streamed onto campus to see their graduates get their certificates in the 69th commencement ceremony.

Graduating students have completed all course work for an Associate in Arts, Associate Degree for Transfer, Associate Degree in Science or Certificate of Achievement prior to the ceremony.

Students lined up in the Center for Sciences on Tuesday, June 6, 2017 to be awarded their degree or certification.

Board of Trustees member Ernest H. Moreno, President Kathleen Burke, Vice Chancellor of Educational Programs and Institutional Effectiveness Ryan M. Cornner and commencement speaker Lauren Robin welcomed the graduates and their families to the commencement ceremony.

According to the Daily News, Pierce College has one of the highest graduation and transfer rates in the state. Seventy-two percent of freshmen graduate within six years.

For some students, this is the end of their educational career, but for others, this is the beginning as they transfer to the univeristy of their dreams.