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Volleyball wins on the road

Since beating the number one seed Cabrillo College , the Brahmas kept the winning streak going as they beat Allan Hancock College in straight sets.

With the win the Brahmas go 14-5 and remain first in the Western State-East conference after 19 games played in the season. They also move up six places as they are the fourth ranked team in state.

Throughout the game, the team dominated, including two of three sets the Brahmas won by an abismal difference.

In the first set, the team won 25-6 while in the second the Brahmas won 25-5. In the last set, Hancock showed fight and only lost that set by nine points.

Head Coach Nabil Mardini mentioned that he’s happy to keep winning as long as there is progress coming from his players.

“It’s all good, as long as we make progress. For me winning is good, but bottomline we need to keep practicing and keep getting better,” Mardini said.

Cairo Harell and Anamaria Stanciu each had 11 kills, but had Harell had better kill percentage with 64.3 percent.

Rachel Wiley had four kills, while Haley Rouselle, Shari Volpis and Sydney Long had three kills each.

Tallie Monsalve had four service aces, while Victoria Estes, Linnea Romero  had three. Rouselle, Long, Monsalve and Merisa Marquez had two service aces each.

Mardini mentioned that he played most of his bench players and the reason why the first two sets the scores were huge was because the other team was inferior.

“It’s an inferior team. We are supposed to beat a team like that,” Mardini said. “We didn’t play all the stars. We played the entire bench and we played well. When you play teams like that, you never want to play down.”

For Hancock, Mitzi Garcia was the best player as she had two kills, while Isabella Albano, Kaelyn Mossholder and Amiee Domingues had one kill each.

Anamaria Stanciu mentioned the team did pretty good despite they could have been more clinical in the game.

“It was a good game. I feel we could have done a better job and play the way we play Brahma ball. I felt we could have done a lot better,” Stanciu said.

Stanciu mentioned that despite who they play they should always perform to the standards that the team requires.

“Regardless of any team, I feel that we should play the way we know how to play, not mattering who is on the other side, we should just focus on our side,” Stanciu said.

The Brahmas had a total of 41 kills, 18 servce aces and 21 digs.

Julia Izquierdo thought the team were the better side and took care of business from the start of the game.

“I thought we were obviously the better team and we just took care of business,” Izquierdo said. “We just carried on our momentum. Our goal is to win conference and win state.”

The next game for the team is on Wednesday, Oct. 11 at Ken Stanley Court as they face the Santa Monica College Corsairs.

Felipe Gamino
Sports Editor 2016- present Circulation Editor 2019- present STAFF- Fall 2015

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