Gov. Jerry Brown approves AB19, for one year free education

Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 19 Friday, making the first year of community college free for high school students.

According to the LA Times, the state offers fee waivers for low income students, however some students don’t apply for it.

The new law secures funds for the program, according to the California legislative information website.

Enrollment fee for community college is $46 per unit.

According to ABC 7 Eyewitness News, the community college system estimates 19,000 students would be eligible for the fee waiver, which will cost the state $31 million dollars annually.

Pierce College students marched on Sept. 30 in Downtown Los Angeles in support of the bill.

Assemblymember Miguel Santiago marched that Saturday and spoke at City Hall.

“What we are fighting for is a better future than the generations before us,” Santiago said. “They ought to have free education, and we’re going to start with free community college.”