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Alice helps create a wonderland

Alice Payne, secretary of LGBTQ club, sits on a tree stump in Rocky Young Park at Pierce College in Woodland Hills Calif. on Oct. 25 2017. Photo: Erick Salgado

There wasn’t an established queer community on campus until Alice Payne and others formed the Queer Brahma Collective, a club that provides a safe space for LGBTQ students. 

Payne is secretary of QBC and said the club is hosted by students and focuses on building the community.  

“The goal is to make a beautiful, gorgeous community and to provide a safe space and a wonderful platform for people to be free and open,” Payne said.

Payne said the club is important for Pierce because it’s goal is to educate students.

“Queer folk haven’t always had the chance to be so out in the open, and having a safe space where we can get together, and not only find hope and love with each other, but spread that to other people,” Payne said. “We can also educate people who don’t understand these kinds of things and are not very aware of this.”

Gabrielle Castleberry-Gordon, the president of QBC, said Payne is building connections with other clubs.  

“Alice is great by being sweet, fun and a great energy booster to my team,” Gordon said.

Payne said she offers the club her communication skills to get her messages across.

“I am a good speaker, allowing me to spread my message effectively and allowing me to try to get people in a community that promotes positivity, optimism, and moving forward,” Payne said.

QBC Treasurer Nate Mendoza said that Payne is helpful and involved.

“I love her,” Mendoza said. “She is hardworking, nice and contributes by helping us plan events in conjunction with Hillel 818.”

Payne’s advice for students is that they should be honest with who they are and acknowledge their actions.

“I think it’s very important to think about other individuals,” Payne said. “What you take and you do does define humanity as a whole and everyone around you. I think that is very important keeping other individuals in mind. Knowing that you are not just living this life for you.”

Payne said her philosophy toward life is bringing people together and spreading knowledge to make a change.  

“My whole message is to help people understand that they are the way they are because of the way they’ve been introduced to this world and socialized,” Payne said. “But I don’t think that is solid or concrete because we are constantly changing. Spreading knowledge and educating individuals is what truly promotes change for the better.”

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