Cupid’s arrow strikes Pierce College

Cupid’s arrow strikes Pierce College

As love songs played faintly over the chatter of students, snacks, games and crafts helped them get into the Valentine’s Day spirit.

ASO and the Peer to Peer Mentor Program joined forces to kick off the spring semester with a Valentine’s Day Social for LA Promise students.

They provided festive snacks, music, a photo booth and a station for card making.

Cookies, fruit and candy were given to students arriving to the event, while cheering and high-fives could be spotted at the cornhole station in the middle of the ASO center.

One of the many students that took part in the entertainment was LA Promise student Jedd Ray Caballero.

“I usually come here with a group of friends and it’s always a lot of fun. They are very social, everyone’s talking, playing board games, very chill,” Caballero said.

The LA Promise program allows students graduating from high schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District to get their first year of college for free. In order to qualify for the program students are required to attend two student engagement activities.

Peer to Peer co-coordinator Kimberly Castillo helped organize the event.

“We like to put on different student activities because as a LA Promise student, they have to fulfill and take part in a certain number of activities,” Castillo said.

The Student Health Center joined in on the festivities outside the ASO room with a Kisses and Condoms booth to offer information to students about how to stay safe and healthy.

Inna Litvak, intern at the Student Health Center, was among many people running the booth.

“We are giving out free condoms and kisses, trying to raise awareness on safe sex by wearing protection and we are also encouraging students to come to our booth to learn about the services we provide,” Litvak said.