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Preview: Here they come

The transition of high school students to the world of college academia can sometimes be a daunting experience. However, this year Pierce College aims to alleviate those worries by hosting Senior Day on April 13.

Senior Day is an event that partners with high schools to showcase the resources available on campus to high school seniors who plan to attend Pierce in the fall semester.

Will Marmolejo, dean of student services, said the event will include walking tours led by Pierce staff, meetings with academic departments, booths for student government and clubs, music, lunch and activities.

The event will also include faculty demonstrations of different curricula offered on campus said Tanya Miller, senior secretary at the academic affairs office who has worked to coordinate academic demonstrations for Senior Day.

Academic demonstrations are a way to spotlight the programs and classes available to students at Pierce.

“We got a lot of feedback last year from our classroom tours and demonstrations,” said Geremy Mason, senior secretary of student engagement and one of the organizers of the event. “Students got to see a side of the campus that a lot of them don’t know exist.”

Mason said that tours not only take students through classrooms, but also highlight the farm and botanical gardens. He said an academic demonstration from last year included a tornado simulation from the Meteorology department.

Electives and other classes that are not well known to the potential students will have the opportunity to try to attract potential students to Pierce during this event.

Marmolejo said high schools participating in the event are coming from “feeder” schools, such as Taft High School, Birmingham High School and Granada High School. He defines “feeder” schools as those  Pierce students have come from in past years. These schools are contracted with Pierce and will have students arriving on buses for the event said Marmolejo.

“Those high school students – if they’re interested in coming to the event – they let their school know and then that high school counselor will work with our staff here so that we have a list of all of the students,” said Marmolejo. “Everyone that boards that bus, we’ll know who they are, we welcome them, we give a little Pierce gift, go on the tour and then get taken back to school.”

While Pierce has done a similar event in the past called “Discover Pierce,” Miller believes this event is different as it emphases on another aspect of transitioning students to Pierce.

“We had a similar event last year, this one is a little different focus,” Miller said. “It did not have the same focus for matriculation and this one does – making sure students are fully ready to begin courses in the fall.”

Senior Day will emphasize and ensure that potential incoming students are aware of what awaits them at Pierce.

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